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Here we will be reviewing the website Take on big tech.com. The site claims to promote the fundamental freedom of people who are being neglecting by big technologies.

The United States is home to the most significant technologies and media in the world. These big technologies include Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google. They have a significant impact on the world economically as well as morally. Hence this website is brought in to check the unlawful and inaccurate activities of these big technologies.

What is take on big tech.com?

The ideologies of these big techs are opposing the founding principles of America. The big government and these big techs are hell-bent on trying to control everything happening around the world, including people’s way of life, their freedom of speech, even the rule of law. 

The big techs have started playing a significant role even in the government issues by overshadowing some issues and highlighting others.


The website lets you share your story of censorship and gives you a voice against these big technologies. If you have been wronged, suppressed, shadow banned, censored, or throttled by these big techs, you can join the fight against them and get a platform where you can share your own story. The website is a way to protect your freedom of speech and a marketplace for ideas.

How to use the website?

These are some very simple steps to follow:

• Make sure the device you are using has an active internet
• Go to the official site www.takeonbigtech.com
• After their site has been successfully loaded, you will be taken to a page where you will have specific options.
• There are options of donation and sharing your story.
• If you want to share your story, you need to fill out the application form given on the site.
• After filling the form and writing your story, you can submit the form.
• This is a nonprofitable site, and you can donate to their cause by using their website.

Pros of this site:

• It is one of the rare websites which is acknowledging the downside of these big technologies.
• Donald Trump, the former president, is issuing these big technologies and supports the website completely.
• The website can help small businesses by bringing it more opportunities after these big techs have broken down
• If these big techs go down, then there will be fewer concerns about leaking private data.
• It is an online platform; hence it has a very wide reach, and millions of people can be reached.
• They can donate to their cause, which can help the website because it is a nonprofitable site.

Cons of the site:


• Even though a lot of people have associated with the website but there has not been any significant impact on any of these big technologies
• The breaking down of these big techs can impact on loss of research and development.
• The breaking of big techs can seem desirable for small brands, but it will create a problem for people looking to manage all their communication in one place.
• Despite some of the drawbacks of these big techs, our dependence on them has become very hard to replace.

Is the site legit or not?

The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, has sued the big tech and their CEOs for partnership with the government to disgrace his reputation. 

The Association of such an impactful name states the legitimacy of the website. There is absolutely no doubt about the legitimacy of take on big tech.com.

They have an impactful Twitter handle that keeps the world updated. The government has associated with these big techs and is taking control over democracy and other political matters. 


Few weeks before the next election, some of the big techs banned a well-known newspaper for writing an article against Joe Biden’s son, which could have caused damage to his reputation.

Review by the customers

The internet is the new center for freedom of speech, just like their radio stations, town hall square in the older times. 

But nowadays, these big techs have played a significant role in spreading information and using their power in showcasing what they want and banning what they want to hide. 

Hence there was a need for a website that can check their actions. The website puts forward the real issues that people have faced because of the discrimination of these sites.


There are some drawbacks of the Take on big tech.com, too; even though the location commits to bring out the problems faced by every individual, their main aim is only political issues. 

They lack in putting the issues of common people forward. They undermine the excellent qualities of these big techs by just stating their drawbacks.


Take on big tech.com is a website worth trying if you have had any problems with the big techs in the past. The website will show you a different perspective of these big techs and how they can easily manipulate you. 

Therefore, we would suggest you try the site and share your experience with us. We love hearing from our readers.


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