Territorial Seed Company Reviews by 20+ Customers

Read the latest territorial seed company reviews? It is one of the fastest-growing companies with a trust score of 89%. Read below to verify it.

The hobby of gardening or planting is growing massively in both ways, personally or industrially. Whenever you start gardening or farming, you need to remember some facts.


Not all people are professional and help you with some great ideas and know the crucial facts. So, you need to choose wisely. When we start searching for anything, our first option is the Internet. On the Internet, you can find various websites to help you. But the fact is you need to ensure which is excellent and accurate and which is fraud. 

About the territorial seed company?

Today we are enlightening the facts of territorial seed company reviews. So, the very initial thing that comes to our mind is the primary specialty that this website offers and how it will help their customers?

Firstly, we should acknowledge that this is a company with forty plus years of hand on growing experience. They also claimed that they have the highest germination standards.


Another interesting fact about them is that they are an organization trailing all kinds of research on their production and products. Apart from that, all links to their social media accounts are available on their website, and all are working correctly.

What are the different services they are offering on their website?

Now, it’s time to unveil another main section of the territorial seed company reviews: their provided services. There are different products categories available which are;

  • Vegetables 
  • Flowers 
  • Herbs
  • Fruits
  • Vibes
  • Garlic 
  • Potatoes 
  • Garden supplies 
  • Organic products 
  • Heirloom 
  • Open-pollinated products 

Apart from that, there are some different elements available on this website which are:

  • Growing guides
  • Garden planner 
  • Dealer locator 
  • Digital catalogs


  • The company address is Territorial seed company PO box- 158, cottage grove, OR 97424
  • The official phone number is 800-625-0866
  • The fax order number is 888 657 3131
  • Call center hours are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • The shipping time is 72 hours in between business days.


  • With different fruit and vegetable products, they also share other farming guides and growing catalogs to help their customers.
  • This company conducted profound research on all their products before selling them.
  • Another positive tread of this company is they are organic and biodynamic certified.
  • They also provided the super proof 100% warranty on all their products. Read territorial seed company reviews section below for more information.


  • The cost rates are higher than usual because all their products are clinically tested on the ground. 
  • Some specific products can only be available at a particular time because they are seasonal. That’s why you need to keep remembering such things.

What are the territorial seed company reviews?


The overall reviews are excellent and satisfactory. They have been in this industry for the last forty years, and the initial concept has been hovering around the mind of the creators since 1985. Naturally, the fanbase or the customer base is massive. 

Most of the people are very happy with all their products. One of the most important things is they provided a 100% warranty on those products. The secret behind their confidence is they tried all their products on 75 acres of land and researched correctly.

The territorial seed company reviews and other positive facts make us believe them trustworthy, and we marked them as a legit company with an 89% trust score. Overall, all their farming catalogs are tested in their production farm before being published.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 89% 
Social media presence Yes   
Customer opinion  Yes    

All points and statements led our final verdicts to end on a poster note, and we marked this seed company legit. If you are looking for a trusted company to nurture your hobby or business, you can go for them.

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