Tinder Noonlight Scam

Want to know every detail of the Tinder Noonlight scam; we have this article answering all your queries in one place.

 The majority of people in the United States rely on the services of such online dating platforms. They must be safe and provide satisfactory customer service. Reporting of such scams reduces user engagement on the platforms. Keep reading to find out more on the matter.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is an online dating application through which users can get on dates and find their perfect match. The geosocial networking site allows the users to anonymously swipe right or left on their screens to like or dislike other profiles, usually represented with the user’s photograph, a brief biography, and a list of their interests and hobbies. 

If any of the two profiles match on the platform, the users can exchange messages and connect. Let’s find out more about the Tinder Noonlight scam below.

What is the Noonlight app?

The dating app Tinder has now partnered with Noonlight to give users a backup each time they meet with someone new. 

The services are only available in the United States as of yet. However, the users can connect the Noonlight to Tinder so that they can avail the following services. 

  • They can add a badge to their chat threads to make others aware that they’re shielded from imposters by the Noonlight services.
  • The users can easily share their whereabouts, such as where, when, and who they’re meeting using the exclusive Noonlight’s Timeline features.
  • They even have the privilege of secretly activating emergency services if they start feeling uncomfortable or feel in danger in another person’s company. 
  • Having Noonlight on Tinder makes you feel safe and protected irrespective of where and with whom you are

What is the Tinder Noonlight scam?

These emails claiming to be from Tinder and Noonlight are being received under their brand names, and the content of the email states that the users need to apply for the new verification method.

Under this method, the users must verify their name and age, which is affirmed to be a two-minute process. In the next step, they are asked to share a safe code with their date to make sure they meet the right person.

After multiple cases of such emails and texts being received by users, Noonlight came forward to clear the air and explicitly states that it does not involve any such identity information or profile confirmation. 

They also cautioned their users that if they paired with someone on Tinder and sent you any link to validate your identity or necessitate a secure code from the users, it is a scam. Noonlight also mentioned that it does not demand the credit card information of the users under any circumstances.

They suggest that if they come across any such unfavorable situation, they must immediately be reported along with the identification information to Tinder’s customer care service team. 

What is the Review by the customer?

Tinder is a very renowned platform and is the world’s most used dating app. it has a record of 55 billion matches to date, and the users trust the platform. Unfortunately, such cases have been reported, but the active response and wise handling of the situation by the Noonlight team have earned them praises by the users. 

Noonlight has constantly guided the users to stay away from such fraudulent emails and not to continue with any such links. 

Several users who have received such mails have posted the screenshots on the online platform to make others aware of the prevalent scams and spread awareness to protect them from landing in any unfavorable situation. 

Such combined efforts on Tinder, Noonlight and responsible users have helped create much-required knowledge about the scam and help first-time users make informed decisions.


The team’s sensible response to address customer complaints against theis Tinder Noonlight scam has earned them gratitude from the users. Unfortunately, despite numerous campaigns against fraudulent emails, many Users fall prey to such online scams. 

It is always advisable to be very cautious while giving personal details. Reporting such frauds to authorities and spreading information on social media is helpful to others.

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