Tommie copper face masks reviews

In this pandemic situation, the whole world is in panic mode, although a specific step has been taken to control it. Wearing a mask will help to avoid the case to some extent; several masks, types, and designs are available over the internet. In this article, we will discuss Tommie copper face masks reviews.

To take undue advantage, fraudsters are trapping people by creating a scam website in the United States. It is not essential that all the face mask selling sites are the same, but it is crucial to identify the online shop selling products.


Tommie copper face masks reviews will guide you whether it is legit or not, and will also help others decide whether to follow this site or not.

What is Tommie copper face masks?

Tommie Copper is a known online store that sells fashion wears, sports gear, gym wear, and casual wear for men and women. The company is now selling face masks and other products like crap bandages, knee band, back support, and many more.


The face mask is made with 4D stretch material, which is easy to use and fits all face types. It is washable and can be reuse, wash it on cold water the fabric is quality will remain even after 50 wash. The product is made in the United States; it is not returnable because of its safety purpose. It filters dust particles and stops entering during inhalation.

Is Tommie copper face masks legit?

Yes, the Tommie copper face masks are legit because it is a well-known brand famous in the US for its outfit and apparels. They recently introduced the facemask, and as per the Tommie copper face masks reviews by the customers, most of them are satisfied with the product. 

  • SSL encrypted: Yes
  • Social Media page: Yes
  • Site Age: More than ten years


  • Easily fits over face and cover nose and mouth
  • It contains copper and zinc which helps to filter the harmful virus and germs that are available on air droplets
  • You can adjust the strap according to the requirements
  • No odor, it is safe to reuse 
  • The fabric is made with polyester and cotton
  • Customer Care: 1-855-692-8291
  • Address: Moger Avenue, 74 S. Mount Kisco, NY, 10549

Pros and cons of Tommie copper face masks

Pros of Tommie copper face masks

  • The company is offering a face mask to students and army personnel at a discounted price
  • You can buy it online via any online payment system
  • You can also choose a color among mask
  • The mask has adjustable straps
  • Able to stops almost all types of germs

Cons of Tommie copper face masks

  • The product once sold and used cannot be return or replaced
  • No cash on delivery facilities is available
  • Few customers find not suitable because of breath issue on wearing

Attention to all the buyers the face mask may not be suitable to you according to its design and made. You may also find other face mask brands at low cost, but we will suggest that before placing an order via the online store, confirm its legitimacy and buyer’s reviews because most of the websites are doing scam in the name offering low-cost face mask.


Do not trap into their fake promises without enquiring about the identification of the website. After all, it is about you and your health; you can also ask us for a review of any product that you want to know.

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Customer Reviews


We found lots of consumer reviews on the internet related to the mask; most people are satisfied with the product and are happy with it. But, they mention some issue while using it that they can’t wear it for long because users felt uncomfortable while breathing when they wear the mask.

Apart from that, there is no major issue traced as per our knowledge.


As per the buyer’s review, the product is legit, and the brand has already sold several units of the facemask. But few of the purchasers felt breathing issues while wearing it for long. If you have any experience with this facemask, share it with us in the comment section.


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