Top Platforms to Learn a Language Online for free

Top Platforms to Learn a Language Online for free? Being bilingual or knowing more than two languages is a very sought-after skill in today’s world. Knowing two languages has become the norm, and if one knows more, then perks lie ahead in terms of job opportunities, traveling, and other aspects of life. 

These days due to the pandemic, we have ample time on our hands, and it is the perfect opportunity to expand our skillset by learning a new language. 

Learning a new language means diving into a completely new culture, broadening one’s mindset, and sharpening one’s cognitive skills as the process requires consistency and effort. However, learning the language is nothing like it was decades ago when the internet did not exist. 

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With that said, let us discuss the websites that offer the best learning material for studying languages. They offer audio, video, and other content so that the person can quickly learn. There are also assessments included at the end to become a master in no time. They are free, so all you are doing is paying for a fast internet plan! 


This is a trendy language-learning website. It offers both paid and free material, and you can upgrade only if you want to. Otherwise, most of the features are of no cost. It has over 50 million users from across the globe and has great ratings and reviews. 

It is known to teach the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and Italian. 

The best feature of this website is that it allows the users to talk to other users who are native speakers of the respective language that they are learning. The user can ask any question and get all concerns addressed! 

Our Rating: 10/10 



This website has authentic in-house linguistics and is known to teach language in real-time. Since the guidance is by experts, learning the language is laid out and simple. 

The experts even help you with the background knowledge of the context and the words to help you relate to the culture and make the learning more accessible and interesting. The best part about this website is that it uses “mems” – sounds to break down words and help you recall them. 

It teaches the following languages: French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Polish, Mongolian, Slovenian, and Danish. 

Our Rating: 10/10 

123 Teach Me 

This website is only known to teach Spanish, but it is very dedicated to doing so, and if you want to learn this popular language, 123 Teach Me will be your ideal learning spot. 


The website is fixated on giving you the best experience by having video tutorials and games, quizzes, tests, and movies to help you make the best out of your language learning time. 

The website also stands out in terms of the course material because it has content from multiple sources to aid all different types of learners, which means that if one way is not working for you, you can go for another. 

The website may seem a little outdated, but it is easy to use and navigate. One does not even need to sign up to start using it!

Our Rating: 8/10 


This is not a good language-learning platform, but it should be on your list if you are on your journey to learning a new language. Its database is the most advanced one with content of thousands of languages. 


It helps users understand the different contexts in which phrases are used, the history behind what is being said, and why it is being said, and has a blog on language-related topics. 

It gives a unique twist to the learning by letting you know super interesting and thought-provoking facts about each language. Moreover, you can also stumble across like-minded individuals learning the same language as you are!

Our Rating: 9/10

FSI Language Courses (Foreign Service Institute)

This government website has to-the-point material, great downloadable worksheets, audiobooks, and help guides. It is great for intermediate learners who know the basics and want to master the language. 

The US government first owned it, but now it is free for the public. For example, if you have partially studied a language or know how to speak it but not write it, or cannot fluently communicate in it, etc., the Foreign Service Institute courses will help you gain expertise. It offers over 70 languages with in-depth course material. 

Our Rating: 8/10 


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