Triburst Light Reviews

Latest update on triburst light reviews? Then, in that case, your search ends here. In this article, you will get complete information regarding this light with a combination of enormous LEDs and serving its purpose? If you are precisely looking for this information, you must go till the end of this article.

Tribust lights came into existence in the United States in March 2020. Now, they are available in all the major online selling portals like Amazon and Walmart. But, it doesn’t guarantee that the bulbs are good with their working. If you want to know it very precisely, you must see the product’s customer reviews and other specifications. So, why wait? Let’s proceed to see all of them. 

What is Tribust light?

It is an electrical light bulb intended to give more brightness with 144 LED bulbs under a single bulb. Here are some features of this bulb: 

  • How does it work: Triburst replaces your typical, everyday light bulb. Plug it in as you would a regular bulb but instead to get super bright light
  • Super Bright: With 144 LED bulbs, the Triburst registers over 4000 lumens – over 4x brighter than a standard light bulb.
  • Adjustable: Hinged panels can be angled 90 degrees in any direction so you can focus super bright light wherever you need it
  • Environment-friendly: Triburst produces cool light easy on the eyes and has a 6.02 USD estimated energy cost per year.
  • High-quality: Panels are steel for maximum durability, while the screws used in hinges are rust-proof. Use the Triburst in your garage, bathroom, or patio.

Now, let us see the specifications of this light bulb before we go to triburst light reviews. 


  • Manufacturer: Bell+Howell
  • Part Number: Epson
  • Item weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 9.06 x 7.56 x 5.24 inches
  • Item model number: 7090
  • Size: ‎1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Style: ‎Normal
  • Wattage: 90 watts
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Type of Bulb: Led
  • Luminous Flux: ‎4000 Lumen
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Batteries Required: No


  • Easily add bright LED lights to any workspace. The adjustable light panels on the Triburst make it easy to bring light to any garage or work area. 
  • The superefficient LED lights in the Triburst make it great for all-day use and help reduce energy costs. 
  • The bulbs are bright enough that you will be able to read during nighttime. The innovative design of the Triburst allows for great versatility outdoors, with no need for complicated wiring or industrial fixtures.
  • Triburst will add 360-degree lighting to any room. Brighten up your living room or office space easily by flattening the Triburst panels. 
  • Great for rooms with high ceilings or large rooms where standard light bulbs won’t completely cover. The classic style of the Triburst will allow it to blend in easily with any décor. 

Before we see triburst light reviews, we will see cons. 


  • They do not give any guarantee or warranty on this product.
  • They hid all their contact details.
  • If there is any problem with the bulb received, then there is no way you can contact them. 

What are triburst light reviews?

On our extensive research, we have found a few reviews over the web. For your better understanding, we are mentioning a few here. 

Nick says, 

I ordered 2 of these lights, and one of them stopped working after less than a month. I have tried to contact customer service but cannot get anyone to return my emails or answer the phone. The light is very bright and easy to install. DO NOT buy online. Just go to Home Depot or Lowes to purchase a similar light. Then if anything goes wrong, you can take it back to them.”

John from the United States says, 

All but one of our fluorescent lights went out and needed a replacement. My wife spotted these lights. I bought one and installed it in the room where we store our golf equipment. The pictures show how great the lighting is now. As a cost comparison to replacing the fluorescent light vs. these was several dollars. We love the new lights. They make a huge difference.”

Likewise, reviews say that the light works well, but there is no way to contact customer service if it is damaged.


To know whether this tribust light works well or not, we have seen triburst light reviews. They reveal that the working of light is satisfactory, but the only drawback is that you can’t return this product if there is any damage.

Have you brought home these tribust lights? If so, feel free to share your experiences. 

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