Truth Social Sign Up

How to Truth social sign up? • Download the app on your device • Follow the instruction as per the process, the user must be above 18. Read more below.

Do you want to be a part of free social media and talk about your issues to the world? A new global platform is on the way to take the world by storm called truth social.

It is only available for the people in the United States. The platform supports all kinds of conversations and content without discrimination based on political views, religion, culture. You are free to talk and present your comments on any subject. Read further to know more about it.

What is Truth social?


It is an online portal for America with controversial events and talks. All the citizens are free to express their views on the various issues without discrimination. 

The platform is a new venture for TMTG group industries. 

The platform comes under the Trump media association, so it created much buzz around the people. Continue reading to know about the truth social sign up procedure and become a part of this community.

Before reading the final method, you should understand that it is only available for Apple users, and the company is still working to provide it for all the devices. The motive of this platform is to bring people together and give them a new source of freedom of expression. 


They want to bring out the truth and express it without any political boundaries.

How to Truth social sign up?

Do you want to create your account on this app? Follow the guidelines given below.

  • Start by using any device with an active internet connection to access the Apple Store.
  • Search the truth app in the designated box and download it from the store.
  • After the installation gets completed, open the app.
  • You will find a create new account option, which will stimulate the signup procedure.
  • You will get redirected to another page that will ask you for your date of birth to a show that you are above 18 years of age.
  • Then enter your email address and verify it by the link sent.
  • Now create a unique username and password for your profile.
  • After that, your profile will get successfully created. Use this username and profile password to access your account anytime you want.

Due to heavy traffic on the app, many people are getting errors during the signup procedure. You can try after a few minutes to solve this problem.


  • The app got created by TMTG to allow people to express their feelings about the different events happening in the world.
  • You are free to say whatever you want without any recitation on the boundary. 
  • Easy Truth social sign up process.
  • There is no subscription needed to be a part of this community.


  • It is available only in the United States.
  • Android users cannot download the app.

Is truth social legit?

Yes! It is an authentic app released by the TMTG group. After the capital attack, the former President got blocked from using Facebook and Twitter. Since then, he started working on a new social app to express his feelings and allow everyone to talk freely without any judgment or fear of getting banned.


Previously, he had a social website to post his daily announcements and blogs. But it was shut down within a few days by the server. This time he has come up with the social media app to take America by the storm of people with free views. 

The app is getting very high traffic, and people cannot sign up. Many people waitlisted for Truth social sign up and do not have access to their accounts.

What is the user review for “Truth Social App”?

The app has secured the number one position on the Apple store among free downloaded apps. But several people are facing trouble getting gain due to traffic and unstable server. 

Many people wonder if it is a threat to rival apps like Twitter and Facebook because of the enormous popularity gained within a few days.


The app is not available for Android users, so only a meager community in the United States can access this platform. The domain welcomes its users to share and connect with other accounts. 

But for now, there are not many posts and interesting information available on the source because people are on the waitlist to sign up.


Truth social sign up? Recently Trump has when in the news for his new adventure of creating a social app that can allow all the users to speak freely without any political discrimination. Many people appreciated his attempt, and it started a wave of users towards his app. But the issues in its sign up procedure have declined its hype.

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