Turbowarp Among Us

Know anything about turbowarp among us? Among us is a popular game, but the turbo warp is different.

Turbowarp is a new feature in this gaming industry. Various popular games were collaborating with it and came into a deadly combination. Our primary focus is among us. 

After assuming your problem, we planned to create a fruitful article to educate you on this matter. We will explain everything about turbo warp, the respective game, their different servers, and more things like that. Many items are waiting for you in the queue, and be with us till the end to know everything.

What is turbo wrap?

Turbowarp is a new concept in the entire gaming world. Firstly you need to be clear about the idea of turbo warp. This game is a scratch mod game, and this helps the game move faster with the combination of Javascript. 

There are various project IDs available for this stage, and we can share some of them with you to clear your vision. Holidaymount.com team will shortly share information about turbowarp among us in our further segments.


A detailed list of available project IDs;

  • Christmas ray marcher.
  • 3D editor.
  • 2.0 list emulator.
  • Dave’s tube tunnel.
  • 2.0 ray marcher.

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What is among us?

This is an online free video game that was launched in 2016. You can access it through PC, Android, and iOs systems. This is a multi-player game.

The critical feature of this game is you can play this game with your friends and other strangers in the gaming world. You can only play the game with four players or ten players according to their rules.

Here in this game, the players assist as a specific crewmate or imposters. In this game, the players have some assigned tasks to complete before the departure time of the spaceship. 


As an enemy, there is also one imposter who was constantly trying to kill others on the ship in this game. To achieve the winning title, you have to survive at the end of the game and complete all tasks or discover the enemy imposter and kill him.

Turbo warp among us server 2

In this game, you can find three different servers. Server 2 is the most popular one. 

The work and strength of this server are incredible. All available features are pretty appreciable, and it boosts up the game speed smoothly.

Server full? Play on server 2! Link:



Turbowarp Server 2:


Turbowarp among us server 3

Apart from server two, this server 3 has some extra addons, and also, there is a unique dark mode available for the games. Besides this feature, everything is the same as server 2. 

All add-on features, edit features are there to use. However, the speed is a bit weak on this server.

To play online, you need to have the ‘Scratcher’ status. If you don’t have it, you can still play on TurboWarp. Link:



Turbo warp among us server 1

Server 1 is the least popular among all. The extra add-on features and other complementary features are not widely available, and sufficient data about this server is also unavailable.

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What is the process of playing the game?

Here Holidaymount.com team disclose the entire process of playing the game turbowarp among us.

  • The host has to click the “start” button to start the game. At the beginning of a game, each player is assigned the “Crewmate” or the “Impostor” role.
  •  There will be two impostors in rooms with more than six players, and there will be two impostors – in smaller spaces, there will be one impostor.
  •  Crewmates have to complete tasks, report dead bodies and eject the impostor.
  • They can also check the admin table to look for suspicious activity. Impostors are supposed to blend in with the crew, pretend to run tasks, and kill off the team.
  • They are also able to sneak through vents. The game ends as soon as all impostors are dead, or there are as many living impostors as crewmates.
  • Two people have to press their hands on the different spots to stop Reactor sabotage. To stop O2 sabotage, the code has to be entered on both spots.


Here is all available data about this game and its gaming features. Hopefully, this article will help you to solve your queries. Holidaymount.com team tried to collect all possible details about it, and you can access this game without any stress.

If you want to share your experiences with turbowarp among us, our comment box is widely open, and share your thoughts there.


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