Is legit? Online shopping sites are always trying to attract customers, but the fact is whether it is safe or not.

Ugly Christmas is an online website trending among shopping lovers for its great deals and discounts. This site attracts many people’s eyes, and their highlighted collection makes many customers curious about their website. People spend time on the Internet to gather the perfect data about this website.

To help our readers with their problems regarding this website, we collect all crucial information and updates to present a clear picture of this website. 

We will reveal many facts like their coupon codes, shipping time, collection details, size details one by one including whether it is legit or not?

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ugly Christmas sweater

What is

This website offers winter garments and sleepwear on their website. The website is specifically made to sell such things on their website. 

They offer a unique collection and unbelievable deals on their products to attract customers. We present a list of all available items on this website. 


They have products available for both men and women.

  • Winter wear.
  • Sleep wear and pajamas.
  • Jumpsuits
  • Bottom wear.
  • Accessories 

Now, the question is legit or not? Let us move forward and reveal the truth.

What is the recent coupon code?

We found several coupon codes to apply on shopping on this particular website. We created a whole list of all available coupon codes.

  • UGLY10.
  • Ugly5a.
  • Mcard.
  • Lsu10.
  • Yqlefucs.
  • Facebooks.
  • Jolly5.
  • Marrymass.

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You can apply these coupon codes to claim exciting offers. Please keep reading to know whether it is legit or not in detail.

What is the shipping time?

This company does not take too much time to ship your orders. The standard shipment time is 5 to 10 days. Apart from standard shipment, some fast shipment options are also available for special orders. 

On the other hand, some customized products take too much time for shipment, like around 20 to 24 days. All in all, they try their best to ship your products as fast as possible.

How many sizes are available on the size chart?


Apart from the legit or not, this website’s size chart is another important factor. This website and size chart is crucial fact of many other websites.

Christmas Sale Live: Buy 1 get 1 Offer on all Winter Wear,

Let’s take a deeper look into this matter:  

Size value  Chest Size (Inches)Waist size (inches)Arm measurements (inches)US size index

Is legit

So, Is legit? According to our research, it is really hard to decide whether this website is legit or not. There are various drawbacks available about this website, and in our opinion, we can’t consider it completely legit. 

We present some points below to let us know about various facts behind our decision.

  • This company is an old one, but there is not sufficient data about this website.
  • We found some suspicious activities on this website.
  • The maximum content of this website is copied from other websites.
  • Their customer service is non-responsive.
  • We mark this website suspicious with a 50% trust score.

What are the reviews?

We found various mixed reactions on this website. Few denoted about the poor quality and few embrace about its on-time delivery and low-cost price. Therefore, we drop a few negative reactions below:


Bailey said, 

“The product quality is hilarious. I am not satisfied with the quality, and the texture is not good. It is all a waste of money on such products.” 

Lizzy said,

“They are an old business, but I don’t know why they conduct such PayPal fraudulent things. I paid $14 via PayPal but they withdrew $20 from my account. I complained about this incident, but nothing fruitful happened.”

What are the features of an ugly Christmas sweater?

We found various mixed reactions on this website. However, we found a few positive and few negative reactions to this website.

After answering the most important questions, is legit or not, now it is time to reveal the different features of this sweater.

  • These sweaters are Christmas-themed.
  • More or less, all sweater colors are based on red, green, and white in theme.
  • They attached a 3d pom pom ball and Christmas bells to the sweater.
  • All designs and patterns are based on Christmas patterns of snowflakes, snowmen.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 50% 
Social media presence Yes  
Customer opinion Yes   

In our opinion, this website is suspicious and a bit risky to use when people are getting their orders. Still, the quality is unsatisfactory, and they have to face some fraudulent activity. So, use this website with your safety concerns.


If you want to share your experiences, let us know through our comment section. We are waiting for your response.


There’s no number on your contact page. How can I speak to someone?

If you have questions regarding an order, feel free to give them a call at (847)962-5500 or send them an email at 

I see a sweater I like – do you have it in a different size?

It’s possible but not likely. Their inventory has so many sweaters, and it’s hard to keep track of those with matching brothers or sisters in the warehouse.

Multiple sizes of the same sweater happen, but you will have to dig around on the site to find them.

I see a sweater I like – can I order more than one?

It’s possible but very hard to find. Duplicates happen, but it is very unusual, and limited stocks are available. You can order more than one on every purchase, but you have to order fast. 


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