What are the steps to activate? Gift cards are now becoming very popular with each passing day. 

Various credit card and debit card brands are launching their gift cards. These gift cards are more trusted than any other random gift card. Nowadays, there is always a possibility of getting into a fraudulent business in marketing.

At this time, it is hard to trust anyone, but we can trust big brands in the market for the past years.

We will reveal all details related to vanilla gift cards. Likewise, other gift cards, this gift card also has some great features that help you shop conveniently with a lot of discounts.

There are many points that are undiscovered properly, like its activation process, promo codes and other facts. 

What is 

Before going deep into activate, we will disclose everything about this card to let you know the basic idea. 


The vanilla gift is a well-known gift card brand that is a part of the VISA company. This card functions the same as other debit cards and credit cards. 

It gives you points whenever you purchase anything with this card. Only you have to keep in mind one thing when you want to buy something with this card; you have to buy something lower in price than the entire balance.

How to activate?

Here we start discussing the most important topic of how to activate this card. We are sharing a step-by-step manual for your easy understanding. 

The process of activate is a bit clumsy than the others, and that’s why I go through it properly.

  • Firstly, purchase the card and don’t throw the packets; please keep it until registration.
  • Now either you have to go to the website or call the given number to activate. You can’t activate the card on their application.
  • Open the website. 
  • Then, they ask about the card information available on the packets, like the security code, card serial number. Fill it properly.
  • After filling this up, they will tell you to enter the card number available on the card. Enter the number on the text box 
  • They said to fill in several personal information to activate and register the card. Fill it accordingly and submit.
  • After submitting, they will ask you to re-enter all details for final verification.
  • After they match both data, they will provide a code. 
  • Now, go to the app and entertain the code on the activation portal.
  • After submitting the code, your card will get activated, and you can widely use this card.

What is the promo code? 

There are several coupon codes available on activate. You can access them all extensively for just one time.

  • 25OFF.
  • 15PERCENT.
  • Spark40.
  • Flash2021.
  • EGift2021.

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According to the customer, we found a bunch of mixed responses. We found both good and bad comments about this card. There are 75% good views and the other 20% negative views.

Jolly said,

“The activation process is tricky but apart from the features, available deals and discounts, the transaction-friendly working process is remarkable.”

Roger said,

“This card is horrible. I can’t activate this card. Every time they said the previous information is not matching. I wasted my $20 on it.” legit

During our research, we found this card legit, but still, some area needs to be improved. We portray various points which help you to mark this company as legit.

  • They have been running their business for nearly the past ten years.
  • They are a sub-company of a big name which is VISA. There are low possibilities to launch a fake company under their name.
  • All contact information and other sufficient data are available on their website.
  • We mark this company as legit with a 60% trust score.

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How to redeem? 

This procedure is not tricky as activate. 

  • Go to their application.
  • Click on the check balance portal.
  • Enter your card number in the respective card number text box.
  • Click on the check option.
  • Once the balance is revealed, you can see a redemption option. Click on it and enter the redemption amount.
  • The redemption amount will directly transfer to your linked bank account or the retailer you want to pay.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 60% 
Social media presence Yes  
Customer opinion Yes   

Hopefully, this article will help you shape a better idea about this website. This is a legit card, but it is workable only if you do the activation process correctly. That’s paying attention to activate.

If you want to share your responses, our comment box is widely open for you. Drop your views and let us know about your experiences.


Where can I ship a Gift Card to?

Vanilla Gift Cards can be delivered to one address, which can be different from the billing address.


You cannot ship Gift Cards to PO Boxes, APO or FPO addresses, or international addresses. Vanilla Gift does not accept payment methods with addresses from the state of HI for Gift Cards.

How long does it take for a Gift Card to be delivered?

Delivery time depends on the shipping method selected. You can opt for Rush (2-3 business days), Expedited (3-4 business days), or Standard (5-6 business days).

 If you selected a shipping method with a tracking number, it would be emailed once the order ships. Most approved eGift orders are delivered within 1 hour but can take up to 24 hours.

Where can I buy a Vanilla Gift Card?

You can buy Vanilla Gift Cards online at, and you can also buy them at participating retail locations.


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