Venmo User Text Scam

Aware of the Venmo user text scam? You are a regular user of Venmo. Expectedly, you heard something suspicious about this company. You are in the exact place to find out the answer. Recently many complaints are arising against Venmo. And we are talking about all these cases and problems in this article.

Venmo is a renowned brand in the United States. PayPal owned this brand. As our community is now centralized virtually, the money transaction has to be done almost. There are many brands available on the Internet that are offering such services. But the main question is whether they are safe or not. We are going to concentrate on Venmo today.

What is Venmo?

Venmo is a New York-based brand. This company started its journey in 1998. The primary owner of this company is PayPal. This company is a social payment website.

With the help of this site, you can share your payment with family, friends, and relatives. Previous then handled $159 billion transactions. They are a trustworthy company of millions of customers throughout all these years in the U.S. Recently they have been facing many problems and complaints.


Now it’s time to reveal the Venmo user text scam. Please go through the upcoming segments carefully to avoid such scams.

What is a Venmo scam?

The name of Venmo is entangled in many controversies these days. There are hundreds of complaints filed against them. According to our research, there are four types of the scam which are mentioned below:

  •    The Venmo texting scam.
  •    The fake sale scam.
  •    The money transfer scam.
  •   The in-person scam.

What is a Venmo user text scam?

Of these four types, the most dangerous and widely spread scam is the Venmo text scam. We analyze it from top to bottom and present detailed information to make you aware of such scandals. Some frauds send you a text message or push message on your phone with various kinds of links. 

They even copy the whole format to Venmo text and implement it successfully to cheat on you. But we find some specific things that distinguish these scam texts from the other legit text.

What is the procedure of the text scam?


We researched the Venmo user text scam format and prepared a detailed step-by-step guide of their procedure here.

  • Firstly, they sent a text message saying that your account would be disabled in a few days.
  • If you want to cancel the disable account feature, you have to log in to your account through the link below.
  • After opening the link, you must provide your mobile number, password, bank card details for login.
  • That’s how they got all your information and have the chance to rob you.

Stock symbol details of Venmo:

Stock symbolPYPL
Stock namePaypalholdingsINC.
Stock price268.89
Stock change+1.65%

How to avoid these scams?

Apart from how to identify, we came with how to prevent the Venmo user text scamsuccessfully.

You need to double-check the format and then move forward with it. Double-checking is crucial. Don’t take a step ahead to it if you found any one thing on the text:

  • The domain seems suspicious.
  •    It is short in size, and you can’t see where it leads.
  •    The URL has many typos.
  •    You received it via unsolicited DMs, emails, or random texts.
  •    Double-check the brand name and concerned person’s name.

Suffered people’s experiences with this scam?


We found many new cases similar to such formats. We are trying to present some hilarious experiences of existing customers below.

Aurelia said,

 “I am such a stupid one who trust each text and fall in the trap of them I lost most of the money and I don’t know what to do now.”

Jake said,


 “For god sake I didn’t click on the link. One of my friend accessed it and logged into the link and lost all his bank balance within a second.”

Clara said,

 “This is not a scandal of the brand. Some group of cheaters are doing it to rob innocent people.”


We try to cover all expected areas of theVenmo user text scamcases in our article. Hopefully, you now visualize the actual picture of the scam. Be aware of such mysterious texts and spread awareness among your known group of people.

You can share your stories about these incidents in the comment section below and let us know your thoughts. Stay connected for more such updates.


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