Verizon Smart Health Watch Scam

Is Verizon smart health watch scam? Then, this is the topic we will be discussing in this article. 

There have been many complaints regarding the Verizon smartwatch and so many other products even before this. But, after the celebration of the new year 2022, they say they will offer you a smart health watch if you complete the necessary billings.

It is not something new happening in the United States. There has been a lot of complaints against Verizon in the past years. But is this new message authentic or fake like the previous ones? Let us know all these details about the company and this scam in the following sessions.

What is Verizon?

Verizon is a website that sells products online. But, this has been known for its scam messages in previous years. The fraudulent website is linked in the Verizon rebate SMS. 

Advertisements is the website to which it is connected, and users in the United States have received several phony SMS messages. 

“There is a special $200 discount from Verizon,” it says. After the money has been made, the fraudsters have sent this message, hoping that the users or victims will click on the website and be sent to a malicious website.

This link will deceive the victims into downloading malware that will steal all of the victim’s personal information, resulting in a significant financial loss.

What is a Verizon smart health watch scam?

The numbers from which the text messages are received are 860-996-2595 and 313-768-9196. Under this scam, they say that you will get this smart health watch if you pay this month’s bill or buy some products. 


If you get messages from these numbers, you can directly consider and report them as spam.

Also, we state some of the messages which are received from the frauds: 

  1. “Thank you for your payment! Please accept our special offer rebate from VZN of $200”
  2. “Thank you for your payment! Please get our special offer rebate of $200 from VZN!”
  3. “Thank you for your payment! Please contact our special offer rebate of $200 from VZN!

So, from this information, we can say that the Verizon smart health watch scam numbers from which text messages are sent and the links of malicious websites are not constant. 

So, the users are requested to be aware of it to avoid fraud. 

What are other significant issues faced?


Lot many users are facing this problem of vzn rebate scam. While undergoing them, we have found some of the common issues of the users of Verizon.

The messages stated in the above section of the Verizon smart health watch scam:

  • They were offered two rebates (transition to Verizon and Boyd) of $150 e-gift cards per line per rebate when they switched to Verizon with two iPhones. So, after both refunds, the total for both lines is $600. 
  • The initial reimbursement (for switching to Verizon) was rejected. The user promptly called Verizon’s sales staff, who applied for the rebates on our behalf. They didn’t gain anything in the end.
  • Users switched to Verizon and were told that the refund would be permanent, but after receiving the phone the next day, they received a notification saying that the discount would expire three days later. It had been much too frightening.

They are being untrustworthy in every aspect of their business in this manner.

What do people say about this?

There are a lot of responses from the users you can get while you search over the web. On our extensive investigation, we have found a few. 


They scammed everyone through Verizon smart health watch scam. People say that every email sent by Verizon is a scam. 

They tempt with their messages saying that you won a prize and it is halfway with you. And you will get that with just $200 United States dollars. 


As we have seen about the Verizon smart health watch scam, it is advised not to respond to those messages. Also, it is better to unsubscribe from their email address.

Please mention us in the comment section if you have any further doubts.  


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