Planning on making a second-hand purchase on a vehicle soon. Do remember to conduct a background search on the information available online. To help you in this task, we have the website at your assistance.

The customers based in the United States are very often scammed while purchasing a second-hand vehicle. But with the changing times, there are several platforms available today that provide services in this area. Continue reading to find out every detail on the subject regarding what services are provided and packages present.

What is


Vinautochecks is an online web portal that helps users to do background research on the vehicle they are planning to purchase. They provide a detailed specification and the history of the vehicle. 

They provide information on the vehicle based on the VIN history. The history protects the customer from potential fraudulent purchases such as stolen vehicles from being re-sold etc.

They provide accurate and reliable information on every vehicle.


It is advisable always to check the vehicle’s history if you are making a second-hand purchase to stop getting in any unfavorable situation.

How to avail of the services on the website?

Follow the very simple steps mentioned below to get detailed information on the vehicle you are about to purchase.

  • Make sure your device is equipped with a stable internet connection.
  • Then enter the web address in the designated place.
  • Let the webpage load successfully.
  • Then fill the form provided on the website and submit it.
  • They will verify all the details of the vehicle before the customer makes any purchase. 
  • They also provide basic information on the vehicle to get their customers started before compiling the full report.
  • Then they provide the detailed VIN report to the email address of the customers at the very instant.
  • Then provide the VIN details of the vehicle you want the information.
  • They will compile the records of the vehicle for the customer.

What details does provide with their research?

If you are planning on availing of their services, this information is covered in all the packages they offer.

  • They cover the vehicles report in the United States.
  • The specifications of that particular vehicle.
  • They also provide the DMV title history.
  • The safety Recall status.
  • They list the vehicle’s online history.
  • They also provide junk & salvage information.
  • All available information on the accidents is included.

What are packages offered by them?


They offer many packages for varying prices. All the packages with their rates have been mentioned below. We have also provided information regarding the number of vehicles covered in each package.

PackagePriceNumber of vehicles covered
Basic$28.951 vehicle
Silver$ 38.952 vehicles
Gold$ 64.955 vehicles
Platinum$102.9510 vehicles
Diamond$158.9525 vehicles
Executive$ 258.9550  vehicles

Is legit or not?

With the help of all the data collected by us on multiple platforms was used to rank the website, and it came out to be 26.5 out of 100. This rank places the website under the suspicious and doubtful radar. We consider the website unsafe to use. Their business ranking also came out to be the same. The trust index of the website is very low, and we do not recommend any affiliation with them.

The domain is very new and has been registered recently, which can be one of the probable reasons behind the low rank. We prefer giving them the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time, we cannot ignore the results, and hence we suggest caution while dealing with them.

What is the Vinauto checks Review by the customer?


The website has a detailed review section where the customers have mentioned how satisfying their experience was. There have been many detailed scam reports on the open platforms, which have also been addressed on their website. They have mentioned such news to be the tactics of the competitors to defame them.


We would suggest background research into the claims of and carefully reading their policies. Please go through the variety of packages they provide and choose what suits you the best.

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