Advertisements 2021 Scam 2021 Scam or Legit ? Check 100+ Reviews [2022]

Advertisements 2021 Scam? Are you in search of information about the new Votefab40 contest? Well, then you have reached the right place. (August 2021) >> Go through this article to clarify your doubts regarding the online competition.


Many pageantries and contests are now being conducted to empower women. Given the pandemic, these pageantries and contests have switched to the online mode. The online mode has enabled a more comprehensive reach for them. Now, one such online contest that has encouraged women over 40 years of age in the United States is the VoteFab40. 

In this article, we will brief you about the competition and take you through the eligibility criteria for this contest. Moreover, let’s try to verify if the contest is authentic or not.

VoteFab40 – A Brief Description


This online beauty pageantry is being conducted by Fab Over 40, and it is hosted by Cathy Rankin, a powerhouse actress, and musician who’s well over 40. TestTube and MDSKIN Lounge sponsor the event. The event is being hosted to empower women over the age of 40. The event is being held primarily for women in the United States.

Nevertheless, the most remarkable part is that the proceeds from the event will be utilized to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The hosts are incredibly active on their social media platforms and have run various campaigns that provide small encouragement to women. Additionally, the contest offers exclusive prizes to the women who manage to capture the most votes. 

Now, let’s look more into 2021 Scam.


  • Contest Name: VoteFab40
  • Domain Name:
  • Domain Age: registered on 14-05-2021.
  • Eligibility: Women over 40 years of age.
  • Instagram Handle: @fab40official
  • Facebook Handle: @fab40official 
  • Follower Count: it has a combined following of over 13,000 followers on both Instagram and Facebook.
  • Prizes: only applicable for one winner: 1. A cash prize of $40,000 2. Double-page feature in the NewBeauty Magazine 3. Spa-cation at Arizona, United States.
  • Assessment: the winner should receive the greatest number of votes from the public.
  • Rounds:

Top 15 (August 2nd – August 12th),

Top 10 (August 12th – August 19th),

Top 5 (August 19th – August 26th),


Group Finalists (August 26th – September 2nd),

Quarter Finals (September 3rd – September 9th),

Semi-Finals (September 10th – September 16th),

Finals (September 17th – September 23rd).

How to register for 2021?


In this section, we will take you through the entire registration process. If you are interested in becoming an entrant, please follow the below-mentioned steps to register yourself for the contest successfully:

  • The first and foremost step is to visit the official Votefab40 webpage.
  • Upon visiting, you will be able to locate the ‘Are You Fab Over 40?’ icon in the middle of the page. Please click on that.
  • Now, you will be redirected to a page where you have to enter your Name, Email, and contact number. Then select the ‘Submit’ option.
  • In this step, you have to upload your desired pictures by clicking on the ‘Browse’ option. Once you have uploaded your picture, you should select the continue option. 
  • You can provide your social media handle if you are willing to share, but this is entirely optional. However, you must enter what you will be flaunting about in the contest in 40 to 140 characters. 
  • After writing about yourself, you can hit complete, and your application will be successfully submitted.

Is 2021 Scam or not?

To answer the question of whether it is scam or not, we performed thorough research. Even though the primary hosts of this contest are extremely active on their social media, with a combined follower count of over 13K, it is hard to establish that they’re legit. First of all, the site has been registered very recently, i.e., it hasn’t been more than 3 months since its establishment. 


Nevertheless, the initiative taken up by the hosts is very commendable, and it will sure empower women to further their lives. They also support the National Breast Cancer Foundation, which provides educational and occupational opportunities and early breast cancer detection tests to women. 

What is the opinion of the public about the contest?

We visited several sites to find out what the public opines about the 2021 Scam. Many have claimed that it is incredibly inspiring and empowering to women all around the world. Moreover, since the selection of the winner is in the hands of the public, they can purchase votes for their favorite contestant. 

Some have also informed that they were very touched by the support offered to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.



Overall, the Votefab40 contest is very moving, and it will motivate several women who wish to show their talent to the world. This contest will serve as a stage to showcase the beauty of women over the age of 40. So, if you are interested in showcasing your talent, you can very simply sign up for the contest. 

The others who wish to support women can show their support by participating in the voting segment. Please use the comments section to share your thoughts about this online contest.  

5 thoughts on “ 2021 Scam or Legit ? Check 100+ Reviews [2022]”

  1. This is not a contest that empowers women. It exploits them. It is not about how fabulous they are. It is all about how many votes they bring in and how many of their voters will donate. And 25% of the vote proceeds stays with the organizer. While many women like my wife entered the contest thinking it was about them and their hard work in looking Fabulous at over 40 winning has nothing to do with their efforts except as fund raisers. It is more like an auction.

  2. Ok I mean… anyone who thought this was honestly about being Fab Over 40 and not about raising money for breast cancer research and making a little money for the creators and advertisers is an idiot. My best friend is in it and while she IS Fab Over 40 the important part is that the contest is raising money for a worthy cause. It’s awesome that all these women work hard to look good but is that really a life goal? No. You want to call it auction ok? What’s the prize to the donors? Nothing but knowledge that you’ve supported a breast cancer research organization. Geez. Priorities man

  3. The entire contest is a fraud and a scam. Many of the contestants were fraud and not real. The contest was not based on votes but on how much money you raised. I can not believe National Breast Cancer Foundation would allow their credibility be attached to some company such as Fab Over 40 New Beauty. When I contacted NBCF they informed me that they were told they would receive 75% of the profits and they were not involved with the rules and regulations of the contest. Many questions about the number of rounds and groups and total contestants were never answered. I will be requesting investigation into this money fraud and fraud competition scammers. I am so crushed about this entire mess because I was standing on the reputation of National Breast Cancer Foundation and wondering where will all the money I raised for NBCF will end up. My Facebook family and friends gave so much from their heart to NBCF. This really make me a little afraid to give to any other Cancer Foundation or Organization. Very disappointed! Rixie Thompson, Contestants.

  4. I was in Fabover40 and in began questioning the legitimacy of the contest. I wanted my donors money and went after them; I called Kathy Rankin and Matt Englehart her agent @Ford Agency and told contact Fab over 40. I did and spoke to a Daryn Smith ( suspish)about his name said all of my donors money except for 25 % is for NBCF. I then contacted Candace Boerk at NBCF and told that is not so and no collaboration on their part but was told by Fabover40 that 75% percent of there profit will be given to NBCF. So what if there is no profit then what? Candace failed to answer and told to contact Fabover40 40; then this Faryn dude told me if there is no profit, Fabover40 will donate $20 thousand; more lies; and that Fabover40 is a well respecte company, I said it’s a lie because about 2 months ago it was registered as LLC in Delaware, when he heard he is running late for llunch and when pressed him for his phone number he said he doesn’t have a phone-only scammers would say this. I was persistent and contacted New Beauty Magazine and Liz Ritter must have informed Fabover40 and couple hours later
    received from their attorney Jack Stipe I am disparaging his client Fabover40 and told him I want my donors money and told Fabover40 do not return money and I told him I will contact FBI cyber fraud Unit- never heard from him; Monday Sept20, I am contacting and about 4 entrants gave permission to mentioned their names.

    The first rule said the contest is won by public, family and friends voting. Then less than 4 days into this never ending fabover40 we had to ask our voters to donate money for 2 votes $1 for NBCF; it’s a scummy scammer contest.

  5. Your loved ones deserve better. This so called contest is a lottery that preys on your family and friends. You’ll constantly ask them for money to help you win. If you love them, spare them. Trust me, I made it to the final four.

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