West Jet Scam

West jet scam? Did you know that phishing is a type of social engineering which plays with the human mind to trick them into revealing sensitive information which they can use to deploy malicious software and steal your data? These tricks performed through emails and scam messages can lead you into troublesome situations.

West jet provides scheduled and charter air services in the United States and is a trustworthy brand. But some frauds are sending phishing emails by misusing their brand name and asking for personal information. Read further for more pieces of information regarding this crisis.

What is West Jet?

West Jet is an airline company started in 1996 by Clive Beddoe and his teammates. They started the brand with only three aircraft but, now they operate with a fleet of over 150 aircraft and cover more than 100 destinations in the United States, Caribbean, and Europe.


They have 14,000 employees professionally trained to give a comfortable flying experience to more than 22 million guests each year.

They envision making a people-powered brand and make travel better with West jet. They are a global airline but authentically Canadian. They care for every customer from the heart and rise to every challenge that comes under their radar.

Their business is to ensure you love the place where you are going, whether it is a trip of a lifetime or your fourth business trip this month. They do hours of preparation and training before leaving the runway to ensure a comfortable and safe flying experience.

HeadquartersCalgary, Canada
CEO Ed Sims (8 Mar 2018–)
Revenue473.3 crores CAD (2018)
SubsidiariesSwoop, WestJet Encore, WestJet Link, WestJet Vacations Inc.
Parent organizationOnex Corporation
FounderDavid Neeleman, Clive Beddoe, Mark Hill, Tim Morgan, Donald Bell

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What is a west jet scam?

WestJet has issued many statements on its social handles and other platforms urging people to be aware of unsolicited emails misusing their brand name. Frauds are attempting to steal personal information from people by creating an alarm concerning account deactivation.

The brand has posted a statement on Facebook regarding this issue. Several times in the past, people received emails, scam messages, and phone calls. The caller indicates that you are a preferred customer that has won a prize from West Jet Vacations. These are scam calls! You should hang up immediately and report them.

West Jet has regularly warned the public of these threats and asked them to beware of any new email using West Jet Rewards name and brand likeness to build trust. They create alarm and a sense of urgency, claiming that your account has been deactivated, then ask the personal information to steal your data.


West Jet has mentioned that they are not sending any emails to their customers and, they have contacted RCMP Canadian Anti-Fraud authorities to deal with this crisis.

How to avoid getting scammed?

The best way to avoid West Jet scams is by being prudent, carefully studying any email that comes under your notice.

These are some points you can look for to recognize a scam email:

  • Verifying the email address is most important. Phishing emails do not have the same email as the brand name they are impersonating.
  • There are many grammar errors and typos that indicate it as a scam email.
  • They generally refer to the recipient as a preferred customer.
  • The emails have a sense of urgency and will ask you to act immediately.
  • Never click on the link present in the email or follow the promoted instructions until you are sure of its authenticity.
  • Always visit the official website by using your device browser.

If you think you might be a victim, use this contact number 1-888-495-8501 to contact the RCMP Canadian Anti-Fraud Center. You can also visit the West Jet website and contact customer support for more information.


Many people have received west jet scamming emails and, the brand has urged them to be vigilant while dealing with them. We recommend our readers to do a background check to know more about them and immediately contact the customer service for assistance.

West Jet is a trustworthy and people-friendly brand, making all the efforts to spread awareness among people.

Please, share your experience with, if you have received any phishing emails. We love hearing from our readers.


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