Westin Heavenly Bed Reviews

Are you searching for Westin heavenly bed reviews? We do wonder about sleeping peacefully nowadays because of stress and hectic life schedules. People worldwide are becoming insomniacs as they cannot get the proper amount of sleep without stress and the mattress they are lying into.

In Europe, people always complain about their beds not providing them comforts and not providing the proper amount of sleep required by the body. This product will solve your problem if you are struggling with any mentioned above.

What is Westin heavenly bed?

Westin chains of hotels own the Westin heavenly bed. The website provides comfortable luxurious beds, mattresses, pillow bedding etc. let us give you Westin heavenly bed reviews below.

The bed is creatively designed with a plush pillow-top construction for heavenly experience and support. The bed is so comfortable that you will be in a deep sleep as soon as you jump and lie into it.


  • Premium mattresses, premium and luxurious beds, pillows, bedding, bath sets, linens etc., are available on the website.
  • Flat 25% off on purchase of the heavenly bed.
  • Shipping in almost all countries.
  • Shipping charges are extra.


  • Address- westin store 163, rue de la belle etoile- business park Paris Nord 2 FRANCE. Europe 
  • Email- not provided
  • Website- www.europe.westinstore.com
  • Phone no- +33 1 41 51 51 55
  • Shipping- international 
  • Shipping charges- extra 
  • Mode of payment- visa , Mastercard, PayPal
  • Delivery time- 21 days internationally


  • It is suitable for all humans.
  • It is best for those customers that enjoy sleeping in Westin hotels.
  • It provides luxurious pillows for extra comfort.
  • Discount coupons available


  • The website doesn’t offer any trial for this bed.
  • Not enough good customers reviews 
  • It has only one option of firmness
  • It is costly compared to other innerspring mattresses available in the market.

Is Westin heavenly bed legit?

Yes, we declare this site Legitimate as the website has a high trust score, and it delivers if paid for. But we would not recommend these beds because they are only suitable for short durations and use sometimes. We have also seen mixed Westin heavenly bed reviews by customers. We will forward to it below.

We came across a few aspects that, within a few weeks, it becomes harsh, and quality differs. Though leading hotels own, it should not be acknowledged for daily purposes.

Westin heavenly bed reviews by customers:

We have seen enormous customers reviews for this product. The reviews are mixed. For some customers, it’s a heavenly bed. The majority claimed that it is not suitable for term use.

Hence, seeing such reviews on different websites, we would not recommend you to buy it for everyday use. Otherwise, this product is a gem.

Out of 5 stars, this product only got 1.7 pretty bad stars. Hence, you can make yourself out.


We will conclude our article now. We have given unbiased reviews for the following product. We do not endorse or encourage any brand until it is wholly verified with us. As we found mixed Westin heavenly bed reviews by customers it is a trustworthy website but we would not recommend it for daily use purposes.

The site is though legitimate, but for household purposes, the product is not recommended. If you are buying for your hotel, then you should go for it.

If you have any doubt, feel free to comment down below and also share this review-based article with your friends and family.

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