Where are io Guards in Fortnite Season 8

Where are io guards in Fortnite season 8? Every new season on Fortnite comes with new challenges and missions and, they have some assets to acquire for completion. Finding an io guard is a part of the mission in the eighth season.

Fortnite is one of the most played games in the world and, people are eagerly waiting for its characters and missions that are release in new updates. Several tournaments held in the United States offer cash to the winners. Read further to know more about io guards.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a battleground game where you compete with other players to be the last man standing. You can join with your squad or play solo in single-player mode. You can fight battles, enjoy concerts, or create your world with your teammates in multiplayer mode.

New seasons are release with new updates that enable users to pass new missions and get exciting rewards like characters, weapons, skins, and much more.

You need to find out where are io guards in Fortnite season 8, to complete an exciting quest. Some aspects of Fortnite are:

  • It has four game modes to enjoy. They are Battle Royale, creative, party Royale, and save the world.
  • Each has its attractions and thrills.
  • You can enjoy crossplay with millions of other users in the game.
  • It is available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, epic games app, PC, and mobile devices.
  • All age groups can play this game but, it is most popular among adults.
  • Parental controls are installed in it so that you can monitor your kid’s playtime and communication on the platform.

Who are the io guards?

Season 8 of Fortnite has brought a new mission in which you need to locate IO guards. They are dangerous NPC, first introduced in season 5. They only attack players on sight but are otherwise hostile. They cannot breed in time-limited modes like creative and rumble.

You shall encounter them with a weapon in hand. Few challenges ask players to hunt them or shoe their dance moves near them. These challenges will win you new characters introduced in season 8.

Beating these NPC can add XP for a battle pass. Read further to know where are io guards in Fortnite season 8.

The two new quests released in season 8 are Charlotte and Toona Fish. You need to find io guards for the character punch cards. Io guards and their convoys outposts are present in at least 5 locations on the map.

Where are io guards in Fortnite season 8?

Looking for character punch cards, first, you need to beat the io guards. Follow these steps:

  • Make sure you begin with a device that has an active internet connection.
  • Download the Fortnite game app on your device and create a new account if you are a new player. Log in with your username and password.
  • Install season 8 to view its quests and new characters.
  • You need to complete the first quest on the character punch card.
  • The first one on Charlotte’s card questline requires collecting a rifle, grenade and, put the shield at maximum.
  • Toona Fish questline requires going to the three locations marked on the map.
  • After completing them, you can find the io guards by locating southwest of holly hedges, West of misty shadows, east of the pleasant park, south of the corny complex, West of misty meadows, and east of the center on the map.
  • The following challenges include dancing near the io guards, searching a treasure chest in their territory, and visiting their outpost.
  • You shall grab weapons before encountering them. They will attack you as soon as you come in their sight.
  • On completing these quests, you will gain XP for a battle pass. New missions will likely include some more encounters with io guards.


In the new update, you must know where are io guards in Fortnite season 8? As you will come across many missions that will require your engagement with them. The gamer of the United States should install the Fortnite game app to enjoy the new characters and arena for an extraordinary experience.

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