Why You Should Take On Steven Johnson Syndrome With Experienced Attorneys

Steven Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is the result of a genetic predisposition toward having adverse reactions to specific medications. It is also known as Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN) and attacks the skin and the mucous membranes. SJS is a severe condition that causes the skin and mucous membranes to slough and blister.


Additionally, the body becomes vulnerable to fluid loss as well as severe infections and blindness, and even catastrophic, permanent consequences such as organ failure and death. The onset symptoms of the syndrome may include a rash, soreness, fever, burning eyes, and fatigue. New and worsening symptoms develop as the disease progresses, causing the sufferer to experience widespread pain across the skin, purple and red rashes all over the body, blistered areas on the mouth, eyes, and genitals, and resulting erosions after blisters form.


The sufferer may also experience drooling, swelling of the eyelids, pain during urination, and skin peeling. Infection can occur where skin has been peeled as raw flesh is left exposed. The severity of Steven Johnson Syndrome is apparent, so taking legal action with experienced attorneys is imperative. For more information on why you should take on Steven Johnson Syndrome with legal representation from Steven Johnson syndrome attorneys, continue reading.

Steven Johnson Syndrome Attorneys can Fight for Pharmaceutical Accountability

Even though SJS occurs from a genetic predisposition toward certain medications, that does not mean it is in the hands of the individual to do something about it. Experts argue that allergic reactions are caused by mistakes made on the pharmaceutical level. By working with experienced Steven Johnson syndrome attorneys, you can determine if you have a claim.

You’ll Put Yourself in The Best Position to Win


Work with lawyers like Steven Johnson syndrome attorneys. They have experience working on Steven-Johnson Syndrome lawsuits and know the steps to take that will help you win your case. They will help you accumulate evidence and evaluate medical records, bills, etc., to put you in the best position for winning out in your case. Your lawyer will also help you determine what caused your reactions by ensuring you complete an official medical evaluation. Your lawyer can help you find a medical doctor specializing in diagnosing Steven-Johnson syndrome.

You’ll Gather Evidence to File an Official Pharmaceutical Liability Claim


Without expert help from professionals like Steven Johnson syndrome attorneys, you will have trouble gathering evidence that proves fault in support of your claim. Your attorney understands the strategies needed to fight pharmaceutical companies and ensure they are held accountable. If your case was caused by a manufacturer’s failure to warn of the possibility of SJS, or you suffered as a result of the drug manufacturer’s negligence, you likely have a claim.

Move Forward with The Expertise You Need to Prove Your Case

Contact Steven Johnson syndrome attorneys to discuss the logistics of your claim. Together, you’ll discuss your claim and establish a strategy for moving forward with the evidence you need to defend your rights and prove your case in an SJS lawsuit. 


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