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Wreckseem Reviews

There are not many accessories for men, but glasses are a useful accessory to play with the looks for men. It is mesmerizing how different shapes of the glasses could change your entire look? In this article, we will exchange information on an online shopping website that sells eyewear for men. We will also check Wreckseem reviews to know more about it.

This is a United States-based website, and it is too much information on the home page itself. The page and the collection could literary attract men as glasses and frames are in trend nowadays. People are trying different colors and shades confidently also, matching them up with the outfits. Glasses have gone crazy in today’s fashion.

What is Wreckseem.com?

This is an online store that has an attractive collection of eyewear for men. There are varieties of frames available on the website. It also has options for different eye numbers for the customers. The frames displayed on the site are fancy and look good in quality. We will see more about the quality of the products in Wreckseem reviews.

You can also find ultralight myopic glasses after visiting the website. It also provides the glasses in different degrees like 0, -1.0, -1.50, -2.50, etc. The online store’s newsletter is also available to stay tuned with the offers, discounts, or new arrivals. We will try to be more informed about this in the following article.


  • Address: 1307 w Lincoln Highway 7103, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15243, united states
  • Email address provided: service@wreckseem.com
  • Available time: (M-F, 8: 00 A.M.-5: 00 P.M. EST)
  • The product type is eyewear for men.
  • Contact number provided: (724) 230-6050
  • Contact person’s name: Dwayne Powell
  • Query form available on the contact us page
  • Free shipping available
  • The expected delivery time is 3-5 business days.
  • Returns accepted initiated within 14 days from the receiving.
  • In the case of defective items, the contact must be within 3 daysThe payment method is PayPal.
  • The domain registration is 2021-03-21Social Media connection links reflecting on the website.
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Pros of Wreckseem.com

  • This United States website is SSL certified
  • Customer service information is available on the website
  • Return policy is a plus point
  • Shipping charges are not applicable for deliveries in the USA 
  • 5-star rating is reflecting under the product in Wreckseem reviews

Cons Wreckseem.com

  • The age of the website is very young
  • The trust index is 1% that is not good enough
  • The number of products is limited
  • Order tracking of the order is not available
  • The Trust score and rank of the domain is also poor
  • The social media is redirecting to nowhere on Facebook or Instagram
  • The trust rank of the website is 4.4/100

Is Wreckseem legit?

The reviews reflecting under the products show 5 stars, but in the bracket, the number of reviews is still zero. The social media links are suspicious, and the very young domain age makes it unworthy of trust. This does share the contact number, email address, and location address of the United States in the company information. This is kind of a mixed observation as this is too early to judge it.

What are Wreckseem reviews?

There are not many reviews found over the internet about this online shopping platform. There is a fake 5-star reflection. No information is found on social media as the links provided are fake. Also, there are a few negative feedbacks on the internet and blamed it as a scam in the reviews. However, maybe after becoming a tenure website, everything might work out.


Based on the above article we would suggest being wise while shopping anywhere on the internet. We will let you decide your thoughts about this article, and do not hesitate to share your information if there is anything new apart from this.

Please let us know your experience from this website in the comment section below.

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