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www.story-train.com? Are you looking for information on the website mentioned in season 4, episode 6 of Rick and Morty? Well, then you have reached the right place. (June 2021) >> Read through this article to find out more. 

Sitcoms have always managed to entertain large crowds from around the world. Millions of people vividly watch them. Animated sitcoms like Rick and Morty have gained immense popularity worldwide during recent times. Rick and Morty showcase the adventures of a mad scientist along with his grandson. They often travel to various dimensions and planets using portals and a vehicle that flies in the air. 

This eccentric show has managed to grab the attention of many viewers despite it being an R-rated show. The show has often explicitly mentioned or featured various products and websites in its episodes. Many people attempt to buy the products that have been showcased in the episodes. 


One such website that has been mentioned on the show is story-train.com. So, in this article, we will attempt to verify the legitimacy of the website.

www.story-train.com – The Background Story 

Story-train.com was first mentioned in episode 6 of Season 4 of Rick and Morty. This episode was named ‘Never Ricking Morty,’ and it has been aired worldwide. 

It premiered on 3rd May 2020 in adult swim. It was written by Jeff Loveness and directed by Erica Hayes. In this episode, Rick and Morty go on another set of bizarre adventures. Both of them find themselves stuck in a gadget that tells stories about Rick. 


The gadget is in the form of a train, and due to its train-like form, it was named the story train. Rick and Morty fight the Story lord on the train and win after praying to Jesus.

At last, it is brought to everybody’s notice that the story train is nothing but a toy bought by Morty. At the very end, a website link is displayed to all the viewers. This website link was supposed to lead the viewers to the story train toy.

Is the website real?

The www.story-train.com site is not real. It was originally supposed to allow the users to purchase the toy story train mentioned in the episode. Ever since the episode aired on adult swim, many people have attempted to access the website and purchase the toy, but nobody could purchase it until now successfully. The website link is registered under the name of Turner Broadcasting. They first purchased it on 6th March 2019. 


The website, however, is not legit; the link is broken. Numerous viewers have tried to access it, but the website never really opened. It always showed an error message saying that the IP address of the webpage is invalid. 

What is the Real Meaning Behind the Website?

People gave numerous conspiracy theories regarding the website link. Some of them have claimed that the website was created to fool the viewers. They explained that the site was introduced as a way to mock the capitalist economy. 

They supported this by saying that Rick, at the end of the episode, encourages Morty to buy more trains instead of returning them to encourage consumerism. 


This was the most liked theory on the internet for the mystery story train website link, and in a way, it corresponds with the Tweet that the writer wrote on Twitter. 

What are the viewer’s opinions?

When the viewers learned that they could not access www.story-train.com, they were extremely dissatisfied. Many viewers have expressed their dissatisfaction on various social networking sites. Few of them expressed how much they wanted to buy the train, and the others came up with various theories to explain the existence of the link.


Overall, it can be concluded that the story train weblink showcased at the end of episode 4 of season 6 of Rick and Morty is fake. Nobody can access the site as it does not exist on the internet. It was merely made to ridicule the capitalist society and the modern consumerist way of life. 

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