Zara Larsson Roblox event

Have you heard about the Zara Larsson Roblox event? The Swedish singer and lyricist Zara Larsson will be featured in the world’s most popular online video game, i.e., Roblox. Why, when & how? Please read the entire post to know.

We all are well aware of Roblox, which has fans worldwide; according to the sources, it has more than 900 million active accounts. That is the reason why most celebs are engaging with this game. Fans from the United States, United Kingdom, and Sweden are very desperate about this game.


Several celebs have already shown their interest in this online game; let’s know why Zara is exciting about Roblox and what is Zara Larsson Roblox event?

Who is Zara Larsson?

Zara Larsson is a famous Swedish Pop-singer and lyricist; actually, she received fame at an early age when she won the 2008 singing talent show. Since then, she released several albums and worked with many well-known celebrities. Her singles, including “Wow,” “Look what you’ve done,” and Love me Land are the all-time chartbuster songs.


Full Name Zara Maria Larsson
Net Worth $10 million
Birth Date 16 December 1997
Country Sweden
Height 1.63m
Parents Anders Larsson (Father), Agnetha Larsson (Mother)
Awards Grammy, MTV Europe music award etc
Married No
Boy Friend Lamin Holmén, Brian Whittaker (ex)
Relationship Status Dating

Zara’s Chartbuster

Lush Life (2015) Wow (2021)
Uncover (2013) I Would Like (2017)
Talk About Love (2021) All The Time (2019)
So Good (2017) Never Forget You (2015)

About Zara Larsson Roblox event?


We already know how celebs utilize any famous platforms to create buzz; now, advertising is not limited to to TV and poster. Several other platforms are available where these famous personalities are taking part, and the online video game becomes the new place for publicity.

Zara, a well-known singer, associates with Roblox developers, and now she will appear virtually and be available for the exhibition match.

Jon Vlassopulos, Vice President and Global Head of Music for Roblox said,


We are excited to invite worldwide pop sensation Zara Larsson to Roblox. She has made a supernatural pink wonderland that you need to see to accept and there is certainly going to be loads of fun, games, and moving this Friday,”

Actually, Zara decided to launch herself virtually and collaborate with Roblox on her recently launched March 2021 album “Poster Girl.” The album has 12 songs which are:

  1. “Love Me Land”
  2. “Talk About Love”
  3. “Talk About Love”
  4. “Right Here”
  5. “Wow”
  6. “Need Someone”
  7. Poster girl
  8. “I Need Love”
  9. “Look What You’ve Done”
  10. “Ruin My Life”
  11. “Stick with You”
  12. “FFF”
  13. “What Happens Here”

Zara’s personal life

As a young kid, Zara already knew about what she wanted; that is why she started participating in local singing competitions and nationwide talent shows. Her younger brother is also a singer, which is also one reason for Zara’s interest in music.


Zara becomes famous in Europe when she released her first album in 2014, but things turned when she received a 3 years contract with Epic records in, the United States.

Zara also performed and showed her magic during the opening ceremony of the UEFA – European football Cup. It is not new that Zara showed her interest in the digital world; she also collaborated in 2015 with Huawei but later down the contract due to some legal issues.

So, next time when you’ll find Zara on related platforms like the “Zara Larsson Roblox event,” don’t get surprised. Please do share your thoughts in the comment section. Are you enjoying this version of her or not?


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