10 Best Mood Tracker Apps

Mood tracker apps are pretty self-explanatory. They’re mobile apps, typically for iOS or Android, which allow you to track and keep a record of your emotions, moods, states of mind. These apps can help you pinpoint the source of your depressive symptoms or anxiety attacks and help you eliminate them before they get worse. So let’s check out the 10 best mood tracker apps available in the market today!

1. Momentum Mood Tracker:

The Momentum Mood Tracker is an app that allows users to keep track of their emotional status throughout the day. With the help of this app, users can quickly analyze their moods in real-time and track their moods throughout the day. This app also allows you to set up a period for recording your feelings and emotions.

2. Mood Zapper:

The Mood Zapper is an app that uses various techniques that can help you track your emotional state over time. This app provides you with tools that can be used to reflect on your current emotional state, including a concept called “Zones of Emotion” and an “Emotional Compass.”

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3. Moodfit:

The MoodFit app uses a combination of proven treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and behavioral activation to help you feel better. This app uses CBT to treat unipolar and bipolar depression, and it can also be used for treating anxiety disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, and problems associated with substance abuse.

4. iMoodJournal:

 The iMoodJournal app is a mood tracker that allows you to set goals for yourself, monitor your moods, and record your experiences that may have contributed to the current mood. You can also use the app’s calendar functionality to document different events in your life and how they affect your mood.

5. Mood Monitor:

The Mood Monitor app is a free iOS app that uses a simple interface to help you easily track and monitor your moods and general emotional state, as well as help you keep track of how external influences such as music, movies, and TV shows affect your mood. The app uses a simple color-coded system to help users easily rate their current mood in terms of happiness, anger, and sadness; the colored dots can reflect on the factors responsible for contributing to the current emotional state.

6.Worry Watch:

The Worry Watch app is used to help you analyze and record your worrying behavior and figure out the best ways to reduce your worrying. The app integrates various methods to help you break down your worrying behavior, including the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

You can download this software for free on both Android and iOS devices, but you’ll have to pay to remove the ads.

7. PTSD Coach:

The PTSD Coach app is a mobile app that can help you manage your symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by tracking your moods and recording your thoughts, experiences, and other factors which may affect your emotional state. The app also allows you to take photos to document the triggers and keep track of medication.

8. Mood Tracker:

The Mood Tracker app is an iOS app that allows users to create detailed mood entries and list out the possible triggers for different feelings. This app is integrated with HealthKit, allowing you to easily sync up the mood data from this app into the HealthKit database. There is a free version of MoodTracker, but if users choose, they may pay for a version with more features. It’s an online app, thus there’s no way to download it.

9. Mood Boss:

Mood Boss gives you the ability to track your emotions and moods in a variety of different situations. The app also provides tools for self-assessment, CBT, and diary entries.Mood Boss has several tools designed to help you address emotional problems or issues that may be interfering with your life. Mood Boss also provides you with an assessment of your emotional functioning so that you can identify any problems or areas of improvement.


The MoodKit app is an iOS app that allows users to track their moods and emotions easily, then search their moods by date, time, and location. The app also provides a complete archive of your moods so that you can quickly go back and see how your emotional status has changed over the past months, weeks, and years; it also allows you to view the possible triggers for different types of moods.

Let’s look at the reason why an app like Mood Tracker is helpful for us:

  • With the availability of these apps, you can now easily track your moods and emotions from anywhere on the web and get them recorded with no hassle. This is one of the best ways to help you eliminate your depression and anxiety attacks.
  • Another reason we should use Mood Tracker Apps is that they can allow you to effectively figure out what combination or reasons caused your depression or anxiety attacks and break it down into multiple factors
  •  The best way is to analyze, record, analyze again, then control your emotions.


We’ve now examined the above 10 best mood tracker apps along with their features. So if you are feeling low and cannot figure out the cause of your emotional state, we would advise you to go ahead and download one of these apps. They can help you immensely by providing you with the necessary tools to help manage your emotional states in a better way.

These apps are helpful both for people suffering from depression and anxiety attacks and for people who worry too much. It’s an app that anyone can use to analyze their emotional behavior and figure out the best ways to control them for the better.


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