12 foot skeleton home depot

Are you aware of the 12 foot skeleton home depot? You heard a lot about the home depot website. If you plan to buy some fantastic stuff for Halloween this year, you are in the right place. Very few companies are offering Halloween decor on their website. Home depot is one of the rarest sites which provide such kinds of products.

This website is viral in the United States and Canada. But a large number of people are still afraid to buy products from this site. Today we are focusing on a specific and unique creation of this site. Apart from that, we will also discuss the legitimacy of this site and customers’ opinions for a crystal clear view.

What is Home depot? 


Home Depot is a trustworthy company founded on February 6th, 1978. They have an ample amount of different products available in their offline and online facility. We enlist all available products below for a quick check guide.

Detailed info about the home depot product category:

  • Home decoration products.
  • Kitchenware.
  • Different kinds of furniture.
  • DIY project accessories and unique sample ideas.
  • Calculators for project purposes.
  • Essential products related to installation.
  • Special holiday decoration.
  • Appliances.
  • Products related to baths and faucets.
  • Heating and cooling essentials.
  • Different kinds of tools.
  • Plumbing essentials.

A massive collection of products is available on this site. 12 foot skeleton home depotfalls under the category of unique holiday decoration. We are more explicitly coming on this matter in our next segment.

Brief detail about 12 foot skeleton home depot?


To search for a 12 foot skeleton, you need to follow some simple steps, which mention below:

  • Firstly, go to the official website of home depot.
  • Now, go to the search bar.
  • Click on the all-department option.
  • Then, you need to select the holiday decor collection.
  • Click on the Halloween decor.
  • Now, you need to click on the Halloween props to reveal the available skeleton list.

Sometimes, you can find some glitches in the website function. Then, you can type the product’s name on the search bar at the top of the website and press the search sign to proceed. In these two ways, you can find the 12 ft. Skeleton.


  • Contact number: 1-800-466-3337.
  • E-mail address: contact@homedepot.com. 
  • Category: Halloween props.
  • Name: 12 foot skeleton home depot. 
  • Price: $69.00 
  • Payment mode: Only online are acceptable on this website to buy this product.
  • Payment option: You can only clear payment via PayPal.
  • Model number: #407362.
  • Store details: #1004483268.
  • Product depth: 30 in
  • Product height: 8 in
  • Product width: 16.5 in


  • This product is a unique product that is not usually available on an online website.
  • Each customer care contact detail is available on the website.
  • A detailed description of this product is available on the website for the customer.
  • This company is an old and trustworthy business platform.


  • Only one kind of Pay me option is available.
  • Worldwide shipping is not applicable for this kind of product.
  • No return or refund policy is officially mentioned on the platform.

Is the 12 foot skeleton legit? 


According to our in-depth research, we can consider this product and company a legit company. But some suspicious facts remain behind their appearances. 

We point this out for your better understanding of the 12foot skeleton home depot:

  • Home Depot recorded no customer response on the website.
  • Both HTTPS and SSL certificates are issued in their name.
  • A well-known company for the past 44 years.
  • Other products of this website have a fair amount of reviews available on the Internet.
  • A legit and popular social media presence is also solid evidence of their legitimacy.

Looking at all these points, we can summarize our mixed opinion with both remarkable benefits and drawbacks. We give it a 65% of trust score out of 100%. 

Customer response and opinion about this product?


After a deep analysis, we failed to spot any customers’ responses and opinions about the 12 foot skeleton home depot on the website or over the internet. But If you have any info or bought this product, you can share the details in the comment section.


Here is all about everything related to the 12 foot skeleton. We expect you can solve all your queries after reading this article. Now, the primary decision is up to you for the further procedure of purchase.

You can share your thoughts with us related to this topic in the comment section below. 


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