Among Us Cyborg Skin Free

If you are searching for a way to get Among Us Cyborg skin free, then you will get the complete details in this article. If you are a player of this Among Us game, you might have known the importance of skins and hats that make your character appear strong.

Not only in the United States, but the game is viral in other countries also. We should admit that, after the ban of PUBG, this game is like the ultimate. It will be an exaggeration to tell you that this is the most streamed game on youtube and the most mentioned game on Twitter.

Youth are wholly involved in the game and are searching for various ways to access skins for free. You should be happy because you will get to know the most straightforward way by which you can get the RHM skin for free by the end of this article. So pursue till the end.

Are all the skins purchasable?


Unlike many other popular games from the United States, Among Us provides an excellent facility in the view of a player; that is, half of the skins present in the game can be accessed for free. If you want the other half of the overall skins, you need to purchase them with your money.

Spending money on a game is an expensive thing and is ultimately a gamer’s choice. But, generally, no player will be willing to pay a significant amount on the in-game accessories as they know that it doesn’t matter in the long run. 

Before we proceed to get Among Us Cyborg skin free,let us also see the easiest way to get all the free skins also, because many of the players go around the difficult path to get those. This method doesn’t involve any hacks or mods but with the intelligent use of the customize option.

Steps to get all free skins:


Before you proceed, make sure you have installed the Among Us application and you have created an account in that.

  • Step 1: Open the game on your mobile and join a public or private lobby.
  • Step 2: Go to the laptop option in the game.
  • Step 3: choose “customize”
  • St “p 4: Open the skins tab. There will be some skins available.
  • Step 5: Choose a skin and click on use.
  • Step 6: The skin will now be found in your inventory.

Let us also know how to get Among Us Cyborg skin free in the following sessions of this article.

What are the purchasable skins?

We know that the Among Us is set in the future space, and all the main character skins are kept under the paid category. Below is the list of skins that are to be paid to be used.


Some of the popular paid skins with their Id’s.

Skin nameSkin ID.Price
Captain skin 1$ 150
Astronaut skin 2$ 150
Mechanic skin3$ 150
Military skin4$ 150
Police skin5$ 150
Doctor skin6$ 150
Black suit7$ 150
White suit8$ 150
Miner gear9$ 150
Winter gear10$ 150
Mira Hazmat11$ 150
CCC skin12$ 150
Prisoner skin13$ 150
Rachet14$ 150

How to get Among Us Cyborg skin free?

To get this RHM skin for free, you need to install two applications that are available on the App Store or the Play store. They are Among Us and CX Explorer.


  1. Now go to the CX Explorer primary storage. 
  2. Then to android, data, com.innnersloth.facemafia.
  3. After selecting that click on, files, Playerfrefs, text, text editor.
  4. Now you will see 20 numbers on the text editor that has opened.
  5. In that, change the 6th number to 114. 
  6. Replace the 0.5 to 1 and the 0 to 18.
  7. Save this and close the application.
  8. Now open Among us and have the skin in your game.

This is the way you can get any skin for free, but the codes change.

Closing thoughts

With the help of these articles, you got to know how to get free skins in an easy way along with the Among Us Cyborg skin free. 

Feel free to ask your queries in the comment section.


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