Big Chungus is Among Us Shirt

Are you a fan of Among us & wants to collect some goodies and Tees, Big chungus is among us shirt? Are you a fan of meme art too? This is a new social media brand that designs shirts with creative meme designs.


People of the United States have always been known to express their thoughts in the best way possible. If you are also a fan of animated meme design or just words printed shirts, this is the article for you. Read further for more details about this brand.

What is big chungus is among us shirt?

  1. “Big chungus” was a Reddit meme that got famous around 2017; it shows a fluffy fat bunny on a mock video game.
  2. The next thing the meme is connected to is the among us game that was launched in 2018.
  3. It is one of the most prominent names in the country, and the pandemic has contributed to creating significant clout of the game.
  4. Among us are a murder mystery and mafia-style game with an imposter and crew members.
  5. The meme combines the big chungus with the among us. People have been sharing this meme on various social media platforms.
  6. This is a clothing brand that makes unisex shirts with this meme printed on them. The shirts are available in more than 24 colors and available in all sizes.
  7. Apart from shirts, they also sell other merchandise like hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops, v neck shirts, color-changing mugs, and ceramic mugs.


  1. Different other websites they are available on – They are available on various apps like amazon, Ali express, Teeherivar, etc.
  2. Customer Care Number – There is no particular customer care number provided.
  3. Email Address – There is no information provided regarding this.
  4. Payment Method – They accept payment through any Credit or debit cards, including VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS, PayPal.
  5. Category of the Website – They are currently dealing in clothing items.
  6. Delivery Time – The delivery time of their product details depends on the country’s location. 
  7. Return of Product – The purchases can be returned within the given return period.
  8. Shipment Process – The shipment can be tracked on their website. They cost an extra shipment charge depending on the delivery address. Different countries have different extra shipping charges. 
  9. Method of Delivery – They offer a standard shipping method for delivery.


  • They offer services all over the United States and many other countries.
  • It is an online portal and easily accessible to all.
  • They offer a good discount and the price after complete discount is 22.9%
  • They cater to all types of t-shirt in all colors and sizes.
  • They have two different types of mugs available with the meme ‘big chungus is among us’
  • The products on the website are available at a very reasonable price with decent quality.
  • There are multiple ways in which they accept payment.
  • The design of the T-shirts is unique and contains a viral meme prominent in social media.


  • The information about the decent quality or their durability are absent
  • The product description is not proper and lacks many essential points.
  • There is no review to make the customers more aware of their product and policies.
  • The manufacturing detail of the product is also absent.

Are they legit or not?


We went through their entire website and tried looking for their social media handles. After comprehensively analyzing and thoroughly reading their terms, conditions, and policies, we think that the site is legit. The meme has received massive popularity on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

The big chungus is among us shirts are also available on various other well-known platforms like Amazon. Our judgment is solely on the content obtainable on all open sources online, and the conclusion can be wrong. Do read the product details before making any substantial purchase.

What are the reviews by the customer?


Even though the big chungus is among us shirt has a pretty famous meme on it, but there are no reviews about it on any platform. We tried to locate any authentic response from the customers but failed to get any feedback. Credible online platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing also lack any customer ratings. 



They have designed an influential label with a viral meme. Big chungus is among us shirts. But they lack in some areas; they have many areas to improve upon to succeed in this competitive market. Make sure to read through the website before buying them.

Social media presenceNo
Trust scoreNo
Customer reviewsNo
SSL encryptionNo

 If you have previously used their products do share your views with us.


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