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Among us play online free no download? If your answer is Yes! We have the perfect pick for you that is filled with excitement and makes you anticipate.

Among us has gained clout in the United States and many social media influencers have played and promoted this game. It is live-streamed by various YouTubers. The unique and gripping ambiance of the platform has made it popular among all age groups.

What is among us?

Among us play online free no download lets you enjoy it without spending any penny. The game gained less popularity on its release in 2018. Later on, content creators promoted it and, this led to a wave of players. Innersloth developed this game with a space-themed setup.

It is a multiplayer game so, you can play with your friends or random online players. Several maps are released for players to enjoy different ambiances. The developer got inspired by Mafia and turned the game into a thriller.


An imposter is the fun character of the game as he tries to sabotage everything and kill all the crewmates. The other characters are crewmates. They are defenseless and, they have to complete tasks and recognize the imposter before he kills them.

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Among us

Among us has gained so much popularity because of the interface and easy download method. It can be download on any device PC or mobile. It launched on Android and iPhone so, you can download it from Playstore and Apple store. Later on, it featured on Microsoft on November 16, 2018.

After immense popularity, they finally launched it on Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation on December 15, 2020.


The mobile and PC versions are slightly different from each other. The first one is free to download but has ads. You can get the premium version for $1.99 and play without disturbance or play in a room created by someone who has a premium version.

The PC version is bought through Steam and It costs $4.99. This version is free of any ads and, the other advantage of buying it is that you can type on a keyboard and play on a bigger screen. You can also make in-app purchases for customizing your character color, accessories like hats, and fancy pets. The charge is from 99¢ to $2.99.

Among us play online free no download, how?

Follow the instructions:

  • Make sure the device you are using has an active internet connection to start.
  • If you wish to play it on your PC or Xbox, you need to buy it from Steam and then install it into your device.
  • But, you may download it on your mobile device by going to the online AppStore.
  • Search among us in the designated box and wait till you receive the search result.
  • Notice that there are many similar versions of the game, so carefully select the official app.
  • Then download and install it. The game is in online mode. You can use the practice mode if you don’t have a network.

Create your crewmembers and username and start the gameplay.


Enjoy Among us play online free no download!


If you are a crewmember then, follow these instructions:

  • Your main aim is to save your spaceship by performing all the tasks given ti to you. Along with this, you need to identify the imposter.
  • You should call an emergency meeting to discuss any suspicious activities or if you come across any dead body.
  • Keep an eye on other members by using the admin map.
  • You need to fix things that the imposter has sabotaged.
  • The imposter can accuse you, so you need to keep an alibi to prove your Identity.
  • Make the right decision when it comes to voting for the identification of an imposter.

If you are an imposter, follow these instructions:

  • Your main aim is to kill everyone.
  • You need to save yourself by framing others.
  • Sabotage the ship but pretend like you are helping the crewmembers.
  • The fastest way to move around is through vents.
  • Cleverly sabotage tasks and fool around to confuse other members.
  • You must kill in private to avoid any suspicions.
  • Keep your alibi ready to prove your innocence and convince them that you are playing on their side.

Review of the game

The game has received 3.6 stars on Playstore. It indicates it to be a mediocre platform. Yet, seeing the popularity, everyone wants to try it. There was a mixed response about it.  People love the potential strategy of the game but got disgruntled by the technical requirements like the Google play account.


The new update is not appreciated because it is confusing and takes too long to load. People under 18 are not allowed on chats that make it difficult for them to respond. People missed the feature of typing and expressing themselves in a better manner. They have to use the pre-installed text.

Apart from the negative reviews, we found many people who highly appreciated the game. We will go easy on the negativity and see if they can fix the issues in the future. One of the best features is the Among us play online free no download.


The theme of the game is brilliant and engages the audience. People of the United States can play this game at family gatherings and add laughter and fun to any event. It is a free to download app with online gameplay.

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