Among us character venting

Among Us character venting? We are here with some new feature updates of Among Us. This game is gaining popularity and has spread all over the world for the last two years. Each child and adults are aware of this game. The main reason behind its popularity is a banned issued on PUB-G from India and some other places. 

Here in this article, we are going to show how to access this feature in this game. We are here with its definition to specifications. We are also going to discuss its hidden benefits and hidden facts. We researched this subject to its core and found something equally crucial for both newbies and master gamers. We have many things to serve you on your plate one by one.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online video game that got recently viral. This game is a multiplayer game. This game is accessible on any device like iPhone, Android, Microsoft, Windows. In this game, a group of ten people landed on an alien spaceship. Each of them has a specific role.

These ten people can be either crewmates or imposters. In simple words, this game is a survival game. But deep down, it is a game of conspiracy, group politics. You need to apply many kinds of tactics to win this game and survive till the last. Among Us character ventingis one of the easiest hacks of survival. 

What is vent?

Venting is a great exposure feature in this online game. These vents acted like an underground tunnel that connects two rooms. This unique feature is handy for imposters because you can move from one room to another quickly. Even these vents are helping imposters in various kinds of different ways.

On the one hand, the vent is a great place to hide till others report a dead body, and on the other hand, this helps characters escape from the crime scene safely and efficiently.

What is Among Us character venting?

Everyone knows that there are three maps available on this game. In this three, only two can support the venting. One is the Skeld, and another is the Polus. An imposter can travel into two or three different kinds of connected rooms through one specific vent. 

How do you know where the vent is?

It would help if you were very careful about Among Us character venting. Whenever an imposter is close to a vent area, the Sabotage button automatically changed into a vent button.

You need to click on the button to unlock the vent. After clicking the button, your imposter will jump into the vent and access it to hide from the crewmates or escape through the crime scene.

Hidden facts about venting which you have to know?

Apart from how to access it, some hidden important point is available about Among Us character venting. We try to capture all facts in the list below for your help.

A detailed list of some unknown facts:

  • Be careful that no security cameras are around when the impostor tries to get into or out of a vent. 
  • Character does not come out of a room that no one saw them going into the first place. This incident raises suspicion for the player using the vents, thus outing them as an impostor.
  • Both the Sabotage and the Kill button cool-down timers paused during the hidden process in a vent, meaning Impostors cannot play an entire game hidden from the vents.
  • The safest time to use the vents as an Impostor is when no one is around and no security cameras are available.
  • As an added layer of protection, Impostors are always advised to close the door while venting so that Crewmates cannot determine the player’s identity using the vents.


Here we try to portray each thing about this tp[ic. Hopefully, this article helps you to learn more about venting correctly. Remember all points and use vent carefully. 

Let us know about your experience of this game in the comment box below. 6ou can also share your thoughts on this feature in the same. Stay connected for more updates. 

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