for free robux for free robux? A new website has popped up and claims to be a beacon of hope for all the gamers of Roblox. It will help you get free Robux, Roblox currency. Allow you to make any in-app purchase that you have been eyeing.

Roblox has become so prominent in the United States that the platform has launched gift cards and coupons for its players. But, the best way to make in-app purchases is through Robux that you can buy through cash. In this article, we will discuss a website claiming to give free Robux without spending a penny.

What is Notscam gg?

Notscam is a third-party online portal that advertises itself as a distributor of free Robux. The website asks for basic information like username and asks the players to perform tasks.


They don’t ask for any private information and, this makes them seem legit. But, we have not found any proof of their claims. Most of them are not trustworthy and are a sham to send malware into your devices. These malware harm your computer and steal personal information that they can use.

They can also steal any pre-existing Robux in your account and leave you empty-handed. Continue reading for more information about for free Robux.

Roblox has stated about such deceitful and spread awareness that people should beware of such shams and not invest their time.

If Roblox finds out that you are using any third-party website to get free Robux, they can block or deactivate your account. Earning Robux from an unknown source goes out of their guidelines. Therefore, we suggest our readers use a secondary account for such endeavor to protect their primary account.

How to get for free robux?


Do you want to know a quick and free way to get Robux? Follow the instructions below:

  • Before you start the steps, make sure your device has a permanent active internet.
  • You can check your account on Roblox to confirm the number of Robux you have. But we will recommend using a secondary account with no Robux.
  • Then visit the website of to start the procedure. Let it load successfully.
  • Once it is loaded, go through the entire platform. You will see a box designated for Roblox username and enter it.
  • Then you will be prompted to select the device you are using. Select the correct option from the list.
  • No other personal information is required.
  • Select the number of Robux you wish to earn.
  • Then you need to go through a human verification and do a test provided by them.
  • They will intercept the information and enlist you in some tasks according to the number of Robux you have selected.
  • These tasks are link with a particular number of Robux. They can ask you to download any advertised apps, do any survey promoted by them, and watch any prompted video.
  • Follow the directions given by them while performing any particular tasks.
  • After completing it, your free Robux will be deposit into your account.
  • You must visit your account and confirm the increment.

You can log out at any time if you see anything suspicious and report it.

Is legit?

We did a comprehensive analysis of the whole website and followed all the necessary steps to get free Robux. We completed the survey but, we didn’t receive anything and, instead, they redirected us to a suspicious webpage. The platform has some red flags that suggest it to be unreliable.


Roblox says reporting any such website, links, or game is necessary to prevent any loss. It is a new domain and failed to create any clout. We couldn’t find any trust score to judge its legitimacy. The data we found about for free Robux is limited and, we cannot pass any judgment about it.

Hence, we request our readers to go through the website and do a background check on their part but refrain from clicking on any suspicious link.

Review by users?

The website has not enlisted on any social media handles for a better insight into their services. It might be their tactic to stay low-key so that no one can tag them on any platform.

There is no reviews section on the website and, neither did we find any authentic customer feedback on any open source. So, there is no proof of their claims, and no one can suggest that they have received any free Robux through their platform.


The website doesn’t seem genuine rather a way to tempt people who want free Robux. Roblox is a platform with millions of users so, it becomes vulnerable to frauds and hackers who want to gain from games notoriety. They benefit from advertisements and may even harm your computer.


The people of the United States are crazy about the gaming Platform Roblox and want to make in-app purchases. Such recklessness can lead you into troublesome situations.

Therefore, always make sure the website you are using is authentic. We do not have enough data to prove the legitimacy of for free Robux, but most of such website comes under the suspicious radar.

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