Is Mr Beast Legit

Is Mr Beast legit? To know about this, do undergo the information provided in the article. Mr. Beast is the title given to Jimmy Donaldson, who is an American YouTuber. Although he is a businessman and philanthropist, he has a vast number of subscribers on his main channel that is 67.6 million. After combining his other channels, he has a total of 117.2 million followers.

He was born on 7th May 1998 in Kansas, United States. He has his channels based on Philanthropy, Gaming, Shorts, and Reacts. He is available on the social media pages like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

Life Journey

Donaldson was raised with his brother alongside, and he graduated from Greenville Christian Academy. He also has Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel condition. As mentioned above, he is a famous YouTuber with a lot of subscribers, which makes us think whether Mr Beast is legit or not. 


At the age of 13, he started posting videos under the handle “MrBeast6000”. The videos were based on the contents like the videos, which estimate the wealth of YouTubers. He grabbed the attention in 2017, where his “counting to 100000” video has earned thousands of views in just in few days; this is the point where he started to grow popular.

Popularity and success:

After his one famous video in 2017, the viewers started increasing on and on and made us think is Mr. Beast legit. Then he still did not stop. He wanted to improve his brand’s popularity, so he made videos based on vlogging, challenges, and donation videos. 

He felt that the channel is gaining stability, he hired his friends to make it a top brand.


In 2020, he had a team of 30 people with him. Also, in recent, he had achieved great success by having millions and billions of subscribers. By the survey, we know that his channel is in 11th position that has highest subscribers, 2nd highest subscribed channel retained by a YouTuber, and most subscribed channel of the United States.

Channels and Awards:

Due to his massive success in recent times, it makes users think, is it possible? And is Mr. Beast legit? Keeping aside his main channel, he has 5 more channels which include shorts and gaming. Moreover, he comes to the list of the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers, a huge success.

Moving on to his awards and nominations for those awards, they are as follows:


● 2019: In the ceremony of the 9th Streamy Awards, he was nominated for 3 sectors they are breakout creator, ensemble cast, creator of the year, and he won the award for breakout creator.

● 2020: 2 ceremonies are the 12th Annual Shorty Awards and 10th Streamy Awards, where he was nominated for 5 categories are the creator of the year, Live Special, Social Good: Creator, YouTuber of the year, and Social Good: Nonprofit or NGO and he won all the awards.

● 2021: He was nominated for Favorite male social star.



As he is YouTube’s most prominent philanthropist, he even convinced Elon Musk and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to donate money to his fundraiser for planting 20 million trees. His massive success at the age of 23 makes us curious to know if it is Mr. Beast legit. Is his hard work paid, or is there any other reason?

His stunts are pretty famous and one of the known reasons for having the highest subscribers and viewers. Some of his well-recognized accomplishments are reading every word of a dictionary, turning the backyard into a ball pit. His challenges and money giveaways have helped him to grow his channel.

It is also stated that in the New York Times, the article was publishes describing the toxic environment of work. That is in total contrast to his public image. He has also attempted to game YouTube’s algorithm.

Some of his videos were also funny, which attracted the users. That’s all about his career and legitimacy.


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