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bestfriendzy fortnite com? If you have known about the best friends event by fortnite, then you might have heard of its website too. How will this website help players with their in-game benefits? What are the benefits they will get? What does a player need to do after visiting the site? Let us answer all these questions in the coming sessions of this article.  

It is a website created by Epic games from the United States on this two-week event. It doesn’t matter how clever you play the game, but this event is designed to give you advancements based on your time while playing with your friends. Interesting and easy, right! Let us see all details now.

What is bestfriendzy fortnite com?

It is a site where a fortnite player will get rewards and coins when he plays games. As the name specifies, you will earn coins and gems when you play games with any of your friends from the Fortnite friend’s list. 

It is a two-week Fortnite event today that’s all about playing with your besties. The Best Friendzy event allows players to earn special rewards, including an Aquari-axe pickaxe, simply by playing with someone on your friend’s list; this means Fortnite friends list.

This event has begun on 31st August and will last till 12th September. So, you can stay tuned to this website to get more benefits that will appear on your Epic gaming account. Let us see on what basis they will credit your coins and advancements. You need not only play with friends from the United States but other countries also.

How does this website work?

You earn points for every 10 minutes you play with friends, and there’s a three-times multiplier during a specific “daily bonus” period. Players can get started on their friendship adventure by registering on the bestfriendzy fortnite com.

By registering your account on Fortnite’s website, you will be able to track your progress toward goals and earn points no matter what person on your friend list you play with. 

The best thing is that you don’t even have to win games. The event’s emphasis is to maximize time spent in the game, so don’t even sweat it if you take an L. You can play with your lesser-skilled friends without feeling like they’re holding you back. 

Where will the benefits be seen?

Though many aspects can make or break a top Fortnite player, like aiming and building, luck also plays a massive factor in the popular battle royale. The chances of you taking down a player with a golden tactical shotgun using a gray submachine gun will nearly always be lower than they would be the other way around.

There are two gaming points where you can use the bestfriendzy fortnite com rewards. 

Playing safe in Fortnite is one of the best pieces of advice that new Fortnite players receive. But this also requires safe landing spots and loot options are limited at best when you land at less popular points of interest.

In 2nd chapter, 7th season:

Like every other season, the fourth leg of Fortnite’s second chapter introduced new changes to the map, which spiced up the game in terms of landing spots. The best landing spots in Fortnite are usually high-risk, high-reward options. 

There will be many other players landing with you, meaning you may need to make some killing before you concentrate on looting.

If you believe you have what it takes to clear a whole POI, then here are the best landing spots you can try out for the ultimate loot in Fortnite Chapter Two, season seven. Your earnings from the event is used here.

In Misty Meadows:

Despite being one of the largest points of interest in Fortnite, Misty Meadows is one of the least popular landing zones. The fact that it’s far away from the center of the map means players landing here will usually need to hurry up while looting to make it back into the circle in time.

In addition to featuring a decent number of chests, including the ice boxes, Misty Meadows is also one of the best fishing hubs in Fortnite. You can build up your healing arsenal with fish before heading into the wild, which will come in handy when you quickly need to patch up your wounds. You can use the rewards of this event anywhere in this game. 


We hope you have got the information you are looking for about bestfriendzy fortnite com. Also, we have mentioned how you will be benefitted and regarding what seasons you will get the advancements.

You can ask your queries in the comment section below. Also, stay tuned for more updates like this.

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