Among Us Prop Hunt Mod Apk

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You might have come across various streamers or YouTubers playing the game Among us, contributing to its complete success. Today we will talk about Among Us Prop Hunt Mod Apk, a new mod of the top-rated game Among Us that you can play with your group of friends or join a public game.


The game is widely enjoyed throughout the world, mostly in the Philippines, and is often trending on social media. While the game is fun and entertaining, read on to know more about this new mod created by streamers or YouTubers.

Among Us prop Hunt: What is this about?

  • Among Us is an engaging multiplayer game that revolves around finding which of your crew members is an alien imposter as we play around a spaced theme game. 
  • The thing here to be noted is that the Among Us Prop Hunt Mod Apk of Among us game is not an original version of the game. This version is created by streamers who have made it public for the massive fans of Among us game to make their gaming experience more creative and enjoyable. 
  • Therefore, if we want to play in Among Us Prop Hunt Mod Apk, there is an apk file available to download for free available on both PC and mobile by a few YouTubers and streamers that have been tested by them. Also, there are various videos available to them. 

How to play in this Among us Prop Hunt?/Download 

This version of the game gives the players the freedom to hide and not reveal themselves in the game. 

  • Initially, the crewmates and imposters cannot disguise themselves as props, but in this Among us Prop Hunt Mod Apk, the players can disguise themselves as mini props in the arena on the game’s maps as boxes, hats, etc 
  • In this mod, the character names are not displayed on top of the props, and they can move anywhere and find themselves in the most suitable position to hide.
  • This makes the game more thrilling and fun, where there are additional tasks to be completed and played among the members of the game.




What do users think about this?

When it comes to the game Among Us, it has a massive fanbase in countries like Philipines, which seems to grow, which leaves players looking for newer additions to the game. 


The Among Us Prop Hunt Mod Apkseems to provide a platform for the players to enhance their gaming skills and find the thrill regarding the game.

Also, since this is developed by streamers, who have a considerable following, users or online gamers want to follow them. They start playing in this mode, making this reachable to more public.

However, it should not be forgotten that since this version is not developed by Innersloth, the original developer of Among us games, most of the gamers do not trust these files as they are not authorized, leaving space for the actual updates.



This is something interesting that has added value to the current popularity of the game Among us. The reason can be attributed to steamers and YouTubers’ presence and the fact that the plot seems thrilling. 

However, how long or how more it can gather players’ attention is still skeptical as it lacks an authorized update.

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