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Recently more people and teenagers are playing online games as they are stuck at home because of the pandemic to spend their time. In particular, some games have gained more attention than before because people think that they are different and more enjoyable. We will talk about Modamoungus Com, a website relating to the popular game Among us

The website offers various links that can be used to cheat on the United States actual game, which has become very popular recently. The links provided help players win the game faster and easier, and therefore, more users are using these links to make their game more efficient. However, the developers of Among Us game are trying to prevent people from doing the same.

What is Modamoungus Com?


Modamoungus Com is a website that contains links where one can get cheat codes for free. They also have other links like website trader, post an ad online for free, etc. The site’s front page doesn’t have any different sections; only a list of links can be seen after one goes to the website.

They are displaying other links on the home page for purposes like cloud games, PlayStation VPN, and game simulator. There is one separate link for Among Us as well other than the game cheat mod link. Not many people are aware of this website since it is very new. Some have said that the links are not easy to access, and they direct them to other pages that aren’t related to the game.

Among Us game


Among Us game was launched into the market in 2018, and it involves a group that is working or present in three locations consisting of a spaceship, the headquarters, and the planet base. Players can choose which area to play one at a time. The game was popularized by a Twitch app user, after which many YouTube celebrities also began playing the game, thus increasing its use by more and more people.

Modamoungus com

The game owners were planning to release a sequel to the original but canceled to focus on the present game because of its new popularity. They are trying to fix the problems of the cheating players and hackers who are using ways to cheat on the game to win faster.


The game consists of crewmembers and imposters; the crewmembers have to find who the imposter is, and then they win the game. All of the members have to complete specific tasks while in the game, and the job of the imposter is to make the tasks harder for others. The imposter can even kill some members, after which they turn into ghosts. 

Is Modamoungus Com legit?

The website’s registration is only two days old, and the URL contains Http, which isn’t safe. The links which are given aren’t working correctly. So using this website isn’t safe at the moment. Modamoungus Com might just take the user’s information, and the computer or mobile can be harmed with a virus. 


Plus, the webpage displays the site as not secure. The registration is shown to be done in the United States. So, users of the country should be more aware and keep away from this suspicious website.


As the website is only two days old and the links given don’t look safe to use, Modamoungus Com shouldn’t be operated by players as their devices might be at risk. If someone has more information about this site, they can share their thoughts and experience with it in the comment section.


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