Among Us The Airship Map Release Date

Note the Among us the airship map release date because it is already released on March 31st >> read why few are getting update error message?

Seeking for among us the airship map release date? Then you must read this article and upgrade soon to enjoy all the latest maps, skins, hats, and more. Do read complete information to get all the latest airship maps and their benefits. Millions of fans already in search of the latest map and its release date.


We received several comments and requests about it, but we would like you to know that apart from the United States and the United Kingdom, other countries may face issues regarding the upgradation. How you can overcome this and what is the release dates lets know more.

What includes in the latest feature?

As we all are waiting for the Among us the airship map release date is announced and released already. But before that, we want you to know that this airship map was delayed in release due to a pandemic. We all know how drastic it was the last year, but Innersloth hits the jackpot because its 2018 release online video “Among us” received popularity.

Talking about the topic and the latest features, there are lots that you will get like tops, bottoms, skins, characters get-up, and a new account system. The area of the map is also increased, and now players will get a new starting point.

Added features:

  • Account system: From now onwards, all the active players will get a new account system where they can manage their account system accordingly like they will get block anyone like features. You can block and remove unwanted players.
  • Skins/hats: now groove up with the latest updated ice cream hat; you will get lots of options on skins, cosmetics, eyebrows, and complete outfits.
  • DLC Pack: Now forget about the individual outfit, now you can buy a bundle package that includes tops, bottoms, hats, skins, and cosmetics.

What is the Among us the airship map release date?

The latest version of “Among us” is already released on March 31st, 2021, and many users already updated it. Still, many Among us players do not get the update message or get an error message as per the information. We also heard that the updates are not available for few countries for now.

But now need to worry because Innersloth recently released the airship map, and maybe a few might get a delay in updates. The process is on, and you will get the airship map.

The reason behind the error in updates?

Online video games depend upon servers. Unlike offline video games, there are many advantages of an online game like instant updates, live chat, talk, and features like you can play it from anywhere. There is no need to take the joystick to the plug-in. Several people can players can join the same game at one time.

As we mentioned, the online video game depends on the server. The developers have to buy the serer country wise to give appropriate discounts and offers region wise. And that requires time which results in delay or error, but it doesn’t mean that players from other than the United States, United Kingdom will have to wait for long.


We conclude that Among us the airship map release date is March 31st, 2021 and you should go and start the game to check about the update message. If you have any queries or related issues, then write us in the comment section; we will be happy to help you!

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