Anilayo Reviews: Is Anilayo legit?

Sometimes we believe in what we see, but most of the time, it is not necessary that it is real. An online shopper will come across several fake and scam websites, and he/she knew how to deal with it. But what about those who love online shopping but not able to judge the right site. In this, we will talk about the website and will find whether it is Anilayo Legit or not.

You may find a website that has social media presence and that website that provides unrealistic offers and deals, and buyers get easily fall into that trap. So, to avoid that, you can also apply some necessary steps before placing an online order. You can also become a smart buyer by acknowledging whether the site is of the United States or elsewhere.

Nowadays, a common flaw or mistake that has been noticed in the scam website is that they regulate the website by sitting on some other country and present their website as it is made in the US. Generally, this kind of site is controlled by China. It doesn’t mean that all the Chinese websites are scam or not legit.

Always keep in mind that not to provide bank details to an unknown website or online store. So, let’s start our analysis on the Anilayo Reviews and discuss its whereabouts.

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How to know whether a website is fake or not?

Steps by which you can also become an expert or visit our website for reviews. So the steps to verify the website legitimacy are:-

  • Try to verify the contact information like its address, email id, and contact number.
  • One of the best ways to check any website popularity is by its customer reviews, the more reviews and comments on the website signifies the popularity of the webpage
  • Check it whether the site is using copied images or content or real images
  • Most of the scam websites use similar contact addresses to mislead the buyers.
  • Do not fil any bank details or information if any website asks to fill.

Is Anilayo Legit?

As per our study, we search on every aspect and found that the website does not have contact information apart from email id. We also search for the customer feedbacks and Anilayo Reviews but didn’t find any comments or reviews. We suspect its legitimacy and not sure about the website, so it will be better to opt for any other online store with comments and reviews.

  • Suggestion: Not Recommended
  • SSL encrypted: Yes
  • Social Media page: No presence

Specification of the

Email Address: TEST(at)BAIDU(dot)COM

What is

  • It is a website that sells all varieties of ladies bottoms like cotton fabric pants, shorts, capris, jumpsuits, three-fourth pants, denim pants, and lots more.
  • The site is offering reasonable discounts and offers on all products
  • Site is offering up to 40% discount on all new arrivals
  • You will also get plus size outwears with different colors and patterns
  • The website offers an easy return on all products, they also accept full refund request, if the customer cancels the exchange and don’t want any return they can apply for a refund process.

Cons of

  • The website is not available on any social media platform, we identify the mentioned social media link on the webpage, but it is not working.
  • The site is not mentioned any contact information or address except the one email id.
  • is a new website; it is not accessible, and maybe that is the reason that we don’t find any customer reviews or feedback.
  • We found no external links of the website so that it shows the popularity or legitimacy
  • We have a suspicious remark on the site, and we will suggest you opt for any other online store


As per our study, we don’t find any positive anilayo reviews or remarks about the website, like the absence of contact information and contact number. We don’t see any comments and reviews by the customer. It is not a good sign for an online store, and we suggest to opt for any other website to our readers. If you decided to buy a product from this website, then buy it for your concern.

Meanwhile, if you have any experience with you can share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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