Deva curl reviews: Is Deva curl legit?

Are you looking for a product for curly hair? Then this article is related to you; one of the essential features of the human body is the hair; everyone wants to have healthy, silk and shine hair. You will find people who face hair loss and baldness due to improper care of hair. The reason may be genetic or may be due to deficiency of Vitamins, protein, and various other sources that help preserve hair. So, let start the Deva curl reviews.

Most people in the United States don’t know about their needs; they continue using random products without knowing the facts. In the case of hair, each person has some positives and negatives side about it. Most of the hair products available in the market are for straight hairs, but what about curly hair? The same importance is required for curly hair, and for an appropriate product is needed.

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Is Deva curl legit or not?

There are lots of articles available on the internet that have confusing reviews, and the question that is deva curl legit or not remains the same. We want to inform you that as per the feedback available by a few customers, we found mixed reactions, although the product is legit. The brand Deva Curl manufactures lots of other products, like foam, gel, hair-care kit, and lots more.

  • Suggestion: Most of the customers found it’s useful; few of them are not satisfied with the product caused itchiness and hair loss issues.
  • SSL encrypted: Yes
  • Social Media page: Yes
  • Site Age: 17 years

What is DevaCurl?

Deva Curl is a brand that manufactures shampoo, conditioner, and foam, shower gel, No-Poo blue for curly, super curly, and wavy hairs. The company is offering free shipping with the purchase of any products, and if you buy the products of over $80, you will get a Deva towel for free.

Now, DevaCurl is open to all; if you are searching for a hairstylist, then you can locate the nearby parlor and saloon in New York City. You can also call on the number or visit the salon to get the appointment. The company is offering a 60 day return time for the unsatisfied customer, for more details on the refund you may visit the shipping and return section of the webpage.


  • Email Id – customercare(at)devacurl(dot)com
  • Contact Number – 1-888-240-4291
  • Address – 75 Spring Street, New York NY 10012 | 212-274-8686
  • Available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

Pro and Cons of DevaCurl products

Pros of DevaCurl

  • All the items are gluten-free, you will not find the gluten in any products
  • No Silicone, paraben, and Sulfates as the ingredients
  • According to the company, all Deva products are tested by Dermatologist
  • Irritation free products
  • You can use the store locator to search the Devachan store near you
  • Instant 10% discount on registration
  • 30% off on the selective products

Cons of DevaCurl

  • Few users find it not suitable for their hair, and not satisfied with the product
  • It is suggested that those who have sensitive skin must be concerned with Dermatologist before using any of these products 
  • Few users notice hair loss symptoms as per Deva curl reviews mentioned in their feedback.

Special Attention is required to all the buyers that you may find lots of alternatives to the product. Still, we will advise you to only buy those products after getting confirmation about it because lots of spam websites are using a trick to take advantage of by scamming the unaware customers. If you are planning to buy DevaCurl, than make sure the product is genuine and read Deva curl reviews, avoid using fake products which are available in an unrealistic cost price.

Suppose you cannot find out the website or the product legitimacy, then you can share your query with us. We will find out the information related to the product. However, DevaCurl is made especially for curly and wavy hairs; it helps to preserve the curl.


All the products of DevaCurl are specially made for those who have curly and wavy hairs. It is not easy to maintain curly-messy hair. But as per few customer feedback and Deva curl reviews, we found that continued usage of the product shows several adverse effects like irritation, itchiness on the skin, burning, and most importantly, the hair loss issue cannot be neglected. So, as per our view taking expert advice is essential before using DevaCurl product.

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