Anupama Oct-2022 full episode | Upcoming Episodes Released

Read the written Anupama June 2022 full episode? The dramatic turn in the last episodes leaves a clue for the next episode; read?

We analyze everything and get all details regarding this show. All channels have some special shows which grab the most TRP. And the audience also wants to know everything about the latest update on each episode.

If someone misses one day, it is pretty hard to cope with the next day. It is sometimes difficult to always be on time and watch their shows at the exact telecast time. People have other essential works too. We are here with different details regarding the show.

About Anupama

This is a Hindi series of Star multimedia broadcasters telecasted in different languages. The show has become very popular, and people are getting very much fond of the plot construction and other various characters of this show.

This show is telecasted on Star Plus and Star Utsav on two different channels. Also, it is available on their online streaming platform. In July 2020, the show first got on-air, and from then, it started receiving several milestones. It also is in the top positions back to back in 2020 in2021.

Though now it is not ranked 1st in the maximum rating, it still engages many audiences and is always in the race for the top 10. We will soon disclose the Anupama June 2022 full episode.


Actor and actress name
Rupali Ganguly
Gaurav Khanna
Paras Kalnawat
Alma Hussain
Ashish Mehrotra
Nidhi Shah
Adhik Mehta


Anupama 1st June episode

Here we are starting to recap from the very first episode of Anupama June 2022 full episode. The outbreak of the first June hovers around the wedding of Kavya and Vanraj. At first, Anupama seemed a little upset, but Advait made her a little cheer with his jokes. Rakhi also seems arrogant and says the marriage is not happening.

Then the baa tells Kavya to drag Vanraj to the marriage mandap, but Kavya doesn’t find him and assumes that both Anupama and vanraj us missing. Then Advait and Anupama go and visit a temple and talk with different jokes and giggle, Kavya calls Anupama several times, but she rejects the call.

And after several calls, she picked it up, and Kavya burst out in anger and asked Anupama to come, but Anupama declined to go and said she had to fix it. Also, Kavya said if she did not come, she would complain to V and the whole family about mental torture and marriage prevention.

What about the Anupama June 2022 full episode from 2 June to 6th June?

The episode started with Kavya threads to Anupama and the Shah family on the second. However, Anupama also tells her that Don’t try to harm her children. Though Kavya still said all of them, she would take steps against them.

Suddenly Anupama gets a call from a V from an unknown number. And then, after several arguments, Vanraj come, Leela taunts them, and Kavya drags him to mandap while he declines to get married.

The next episode mainly deals with motherhood and the difficulties a mother face. Also, she tries to describe what she is facing being a mother now and gets into a one-to-one conversation with Anuj and Anu.

The next episode lightens up with the appearance of Barkha. And it hovers around the sweet welcoming of her, and Anupama advises a lot of things to Barkha in that episode.

The 5th and 6th June episodes mainly concentrate on Vanraj and Kavya’s fight. But then the plot gets turned towards home, and the average talks between rakhi and Anupama conducted that episode. The later episodes also deal with the love interest of the three children of Anupama.


We shared all the updates and will know on Anupama June 2022 full episode. Also, we sketch a clear idea about the next upcoming episodes. So what are you thinking? What will be happening next in this show

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