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The Anupama 9th June full episode has the impression that Barkha was shocked because Anuj refused to go to the party. Barkha asked him about an important job. And Anuj turned to page phera. It made Barkha feel bad and embarrassed and annoyed how Anuj paid more attention to Anupama.

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This made Barkha a little uncomfortable and curious to find out why Anuj was doing all this for Anupama. However, Barkha also surprised them when she suddenly opened the door without informing anyone. It also suggests that something mischievous and big is waiting for all their views in this show.

Anupama 9th June full episode

Other things are not revealed till now. Still, you can follow their promo and other promotional stuff and get updates from their social media platforms. They share regular updates on all their handles.

At Shah’s house, a remarkable incident happened where Vanraj added Leela’s name and made Leela happy and happy. Also, he said that it is something he has to do earlier. This incident brings a sweet touch to that whole episode. We will get all other reactions from the episode. So, you have to wait for a while.

Now the big question is the reason for their return to India? And how did they react when they found out Leela Hashmukh and Vanraj were? Stay tuned for answers. It will be revealed soon, stay tune for more updates on the Anupama 9th June full episode.

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