Anupama 8th Oct-2022 full episode | 2 Minutes Read

Read the written Anupama 8th June 2022 full episode, we have also linked the before and the upcoming episodes.

Anupama 8th June 2022 full episode

Anupama 8th June 2022 full episode begins with an angry conversation between Barkha and Ankush, and the conversation depends entirely on Anuj and his rights before him. At that moment in that Kapadia house, Ankush’s brother and young daughter came, and Anupama and Anuj welcomed them.


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Somehow, Anupama feels happy to have her family so big. Anupama always loved to be with many people, so she became so pleased around all new members.


Barkha later came up with ​​making a completely new change inside the Kapadia house. He announced in front of Anuj, Anupama, and his daughter. This is because of the respect the party has for the newlyweds.

Barkha gives a smile to Anuj. However, Anuj is quite not satisfied with their facial expression and disturbing. It quietly made Barkha anxious, and she wanted to know his reaction as soon as possible.


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Though Anuj looks unhappy with the decision and says that he has an important job to do and it is not uncommon for him to go to a party, everyone is upset, and the episode ends there with such distortions. Also, there is some other tension raised when Barkha sees the daughter.


From their reaction, it is clear that they are not very satisfied with their wedding, and also, there is some hidden tension between Barkha and Anuj taking place throughout it. Barkha and Ankush give them a surprise visit, and however, the reason behind it is still not exposed.

The marriage between Anupama and Anuj is a bit problematic, and that’s why they have a problem digesting this marriage. There must be some purpose behind Barkha’s throwing a party for their wedding, and the aim will shortly be disclosed in upcoming episodes.



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