Play The Arsonist Among Us | Latest Updates (2022)

What is Arsonist among us? It can drench someone using the Douse button, which replaces the use button while near players. Its Mod apk is best to crack the game.

Among us is one of the most exciting and thrilling games released in 2018. Due to its immense popularity, developers bring new models and implement exclusive features that could help you to make the game even more exciting.


There are so many gaming brands in the United States that all of them are constantly racing to become number one. The brands release new features and characters on their platforms to achieve this position. The Arsonist is one such mod capable of doing much more than any other simple character of the gameplay. Read further to know more about it.

What is among us?

In 2020 this game got viral because of some videos on social media. Since then, people have been playing this 3D world religiously and made it one of the top brands in this business. The theme is placed in a malfunctioned rocket stranded in space with players, and these users are put into two different categories a killer and a crewmate.

The game is about using your intelligence and finding the killer without getting killed. The software also provides tasks to fix the rocket before the imposter/killer can fulfill his mission of murdering all the cremates. Arsonist among us is a new character of the series capable of burning down any other user. 


The developers released new maps and updates to keep the players on edge. That’s why they have delivered a new mod to the players for uniquely enjoying the game.

What is Arsonist among us?

It is the latest mod released by the game, also considered the most dangerous and enthralling character up till now. Arsonist among us has the power to control fire and uses it to kill all the other crewmates by burning them till they die. If you want to access this character, you have to download the mod, which is absent in the original app of the game.


This character is not involved in the crew mates or imposters but is considered a third category whose only intention is to fulfill his task of burning all the users. So if he does not complete his mission before the imposter kills all the cremates or gets caught, the Arsonist will lose automatically. The only way you can win with this mode is by gas lighting all the other players. 

He uses a spray can to put gasoline on all the players or any object he wishes to burn. This character got used by many content creators to add funny moments and extra spice to their videos to get more likes and views.

How to get this character?

Arsonist among us can be attained in the mod form because it is absent in the original gaming format. Here is a guideline to help you find it.

  • Start by using any device with an active internet connection to access the Google browser.
  • Now type on the search bar and get the result.
  • You will land on the homepage of this website which will consist of all the mods and packs available for this game.
  • Select mod town of us packs to get this character.
  • Now, you will see a list of different character themes and other items present under this category.
  • Go to the menu of neutral characters, and you will find an arsonist.
  • Download the link given to the file.
  • Now use any particular app to unzip the link.
  • Go to the memory of your device to locate among us program file.
  • You will find numerous files in MOD, copy them all and paste them inside the folder of among us game. Reach the level of executable.
  • Refresh your device.
  • Now open the among us game, and you will get the mod character/features.

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Hence, Arsonist among us is the newly added character in the MOD town of our update. It is one of the neutral characters with the capabilities and powers of fire. You can use it to improve the level of your gaming experience. 

Many YouTubers in the United States are using it to make new video content that is getting a lot of likes and views.


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