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How to play as jackal among us role? This article will guide you to get your favorite Among us character. Just read the full article to know the hidden tips and tricks?

There are many types of available players, rules, and roles. This article is also based on something which is a new addition to this game. People are interested to know about it. However, one has to know all details to win the game. Let’s see everything about it.

About Among Us

Among us is a widely popular game around the globe. The main reason behind its popularity is that this game is comfortably played on mobile devices and Android. That’s why people from the different sides who are not privileged but love to play the game can play this game without having an issue.


The game is based on a spaceship setup and is a multiplayer game. This game’s first and initial characters are imposters and crewmates, and Imposters are the enemy or opponents of crewmates. After a certain period when the game became famous, the authority started adding different roles, and they are known as mods, another part.

Here we are discussing the jackal among us role. They are included in the mob or other role categories in the game. There are different categories available, and we researched a lot on such categories.

What are different categories of mod roles?

In our analysis of the jackal among us role, we found several other roles which are categorized:

  • Evil mini
  • Evil guesser
  • Bounty hunter
  • Cleaner
  • Camouflager
  • Eraser
  • Mafia
  • Janitor
  • Mafioso
  • Trickster
  • Morphing
  • Vampire
  • Warlock
  • Godfather
  • Witch

In the new edition, we found numerous characters. However, we will not describe it all from this list because some roles are widely famous and people know everything about them. We are going to discuss five unique, newly added characters briefly.

Evil guesser 

There is a newly added role in the mod. The evil guesser is the imposter and has a unique ability to shoot everyone they prefer. But the only criteria is to guess the role; if they guess it writes, they can get the chance to shoot them. If not the not they will die in return.

Bounty hunter 

The Bounty hunter is also an imposter role. The main plus point is they can shoot whomever they want, but the target does not get any notifications. They also swap their locations within a minute and have a special option to refer to the targets.

If they kill the wrong person, then it results in to decrease in their kill cooldown. That isn’t good for grabbing the winning chance for winning. Let’s know about the jackal among us role.



This is something which has some exciting features. The features can remove the role of the player. If the eraser imposter target a player, the target player may lose their position. After every successful encounter, the cooldown level increases the ten seconds.


The Warlock can curse any player. The primary condition is that the cursed player must stand next to any other players; then, Warlock can only kill the player. Sometimes the Warlock is frozen and unable to move Sometimes.


This is one such character who can do magic with different kinds of spells. In the first encounter, the witch spell on them, and until the next, they are safe, but the next time they face each other, the player will die.

What about the Jackal Among us role?


The Jackal player is more exceptional than other players. They have their team to play the game and the power to kill whomever they want. In addition to this mob role, one can get another whole team in the game to increase the excitement.

By the way, in this character, one can able to implement the sidekick. With the help of this sidekick, the jackal can eliminate anyone they want. With this strategy, they can win over imposter and crew both. You can easily access them by installing the MOD pack in-game inventory.


Hence, here is everything about the jackal among us role. The role will add new excitement to the whole game because a new team will be added to the game. This addition lifts the fun, and players are attracted to this game. Hopefully, you get all information About this role.

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