At&t Free Gift Scam

Are you aware of the at&t free gift scam? At&t is a well-known brand, and we will let you know the fraud scenario of this company.

Expectedly, everyone is aware of this company, and they are a trusted telephonic connection and telegram company. Nowadays, scams are increasing, and fraudulent companies spot the more prominent brands, hacking their systems to reach out to their customers. 

We are here to make you aware of such circumstances and protect you from the scammers. We tried our best to serve the best information, but it is in your hand. So, the only way out is to read the article and keep everything in mind correctly.

What is at&t?


Before diving deep into the matter of at&t free gift scam, let’s take a good look at it. This is an American-based telephone connection brand, and they have been widely popular since 1983. 

This company is recognized as the world’s largest telecom company as far as the report of 2019. They offer many services, and we will share brief details of their services in the following segments.

What are the different services available on this website?

You can find different services on their website. They have seven different categories available on their website. 

  • Holiday deals on gadgets.
  • Phone and other devices.
  • Wireless facilities.
  • Internet connections.
  • Television connection.
  • Prepaid connection.
  • Bundles.

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What is att free gift scam text? 


A controversy suddenly arises: this company starts sending free gifts for their customers to apologize for the wrong network. Though in the initial stage, this company is entirely unaware of such circumstances on at&t free gift scam

The day is in progress, the truth and all fake incidents are coming in front of eyes one by one, and the company will get to know that some fraud agencies are using their name illegally.

After their acknowledgment, they start conducting deep research and hire a team to discover the absolute truth about them. We will share more updates regarding this topic in our further segments.

What is at&t free gift scam

For the last few months, many existing customers have been getting texts from the at&t company. Some of them are getting it continuously. Yes, the company also sent some important texts to customers. But those texts are entirely different from those official texts. 


The text is regarding the compensation for bad network problems of this company. To identify this fraud text, we will share some identification tricks. Hopefully, all these points are helpful for you people.

at&t free message scam gift

Whenever you get a text from at&t, ensure that it wasn’t a at&t free gift scam. We share some identification points to let you know everything about it.

  • Firstly, see the format if it is very short or very long. Because as per our observation, we found all scam texts are either too big or too small.
  • Now, carefully examine the spellings and formats and even grammar. These things are sometimes wrong, which is the central fact of scam text.
  • Then, you see a link attached below in the text then please don’t click it. There is a high possibility of scams in those links. That’s why I keep avoiding such links and other attachments. 
  • There is always a call Of action available, which triggers you to do what they intend.

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What is the process of scamming?

Firstly, they send you a text which is an apology text. They told you they have a small gift that you can get after you click on the link. 


If you click on the link, you need to fill a form that asks for your account details. If you fill it, it will go to the straight hand of scammers.

Though the company does not create all these circumstances, a scam agency hacks their data and conducts such fraud business. Be aware of such text messages.


Expectedly at&t free gift scam and their circumstances are apparent in front of your eyes. In our opinion, keep avoiding such anonymous text and make sure you don’t click on these links. 

If there is anything you want to share, we are here to listen. Drop your views in the comment section and make us aware of those facts.


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