Want to effectively increase the number of followers on your social media account overnight without much hassle and procrastination. We have a platform called that claims to provide services in this domain.

Many companies and startups based in the United States are growing their social media presence, and to do so, they buy fake followers to improvise on their marketing strategy. Same efforts are being taken by businesses and people who buy viewers while streaming live videos to make them look successful. The number of followers online determines your authenticity, and that is the major reason why people have been indulging in these activities. Read further to get more details on the topic and read the reviews about the mentioned platform.

What is

Bigfollows is an online site that helps you enhance followers on your social media accounts or your business social media handles at some very reasonable prices. They aim to cater to all the sections of society hence have packages that can be affordable to all. 

If you are looking to increase your number of viewers while streaming live videos or increasing your subscribers, they can also help you in this domain. The website is a very user-friendly portal; it is easy to use and accessible to all.

Plans offered by them

They offer multiple plans at different price range so that it can be affordable to all. Some of the top plans on their website are:

  • FOLLOWERS PLAN test at $2.1 with 200 followers
  • FOLLOWERS PLAN newbie at $5 with 1000 followers
  • FOLLOWERS PLAN boost at $20 with 5000 followers
  • FOLLOWERS PLAN pro at $35 with 10,000 followers
  • FOLLOWERS PLAN king at $100 with 30,000 followers

They even have multiple viewers plan on a 1-hour basis, and these are

  • $2.2 with 50 viewers
  • $4.1 with 100 viewers
  • $6 with 150 viewers
  • $7.9 with 200 viewers

They even offer multiple subscriber packages starting at $2 with one subscriber up to $70 with 50 subscribers.

All the plans mentioned above offer the following features

  • High-quality services
  • Real names of the followers
  • Most of the accounts have avatars.

Just visit their website and purchase the plan according to your needs to get started.

Is big follows legit or not?

We did thorough research on their entire website, and it was loaded with a mixed response by the users. After analyzing multiple user reviews, the app’s trustworthiness rating comes out to be 42 out of 100, which is very unsatisfactory. We even researched further, and the site has not been detected by any of the blacklist engines, which means that any of the spams or malware activity against it has not been yet reported.

The site was launched in 2020 and still is placed under the suspicious radar. We do not have enough data to declare it legitimate hence we advise caution while associating with them. 

What is the big follows Review by the user? 

They have no review section on their website from any customers who have availed of their services. We went ahead and started looking for the reviews on other social media handles and open platforms. To our dismay, we couldn’t gather enough information to provide any factual information. 

The site has been performing low on the trustworthy index, and a very less number of reviews that we could locate have labeled them as a scam. The positive reviews about them have not been located by us yet. We are very suspicious about their services even though they have a very well-developed webpage. We do not recommend any association with them as of yet. 


They have been in existence in the United States since 2020. The app has failed to create a major online presence and positive response.

Users are very dubious regarding the services and their claims and are staying away from them.

If you plan to avail of their services, kindly conduct thorough background research to avoid unfavorable circumstances. Please keep sharing your reviews with us.

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