Freerice Legit

We are here to review whether is freerice legit or not so that you can have some fun time learning and simultaneously shaping lives for the better.

The pandemic has been a very challenging time for humanity. Many people across the United States and the world are struggling to make ends meet. We are here to present you with a platform that could help you spend your quarantine time constructively and impact the world by serving those hungry and in need.

What is Free Rice?


Freerice is an online platform that lets you play word games to test your vocabulary and word knowledge. It is a great platform for a free-time gaming experience when you want to enjoy and challenge yourself at once. 

It helps build vocabulary and learn new words in the most fun way, but the greatest pleasure is that it helps you make a difference in people’s lives around the globe. 


Does all of this sounds too good to be true, and wondering whether is freerice legit or not? Keep reading to know further.

  • You can play without creating an account or logging in. if you create an account, it helps track your scores.
  • After creating an account, you can join and create groups and play and compete with others.


  • The game has many difficulty levels as per the preference of the players.
  • The beginners can play at the easiest level.
  • The levels are easiest, easier, normal, hard, and hardest.
  • Hardest level is the most advanced level.


  • The game also has various challenges for the players, which serve a noble cause if the players complete them.
  • The last challenge that we witnessed was to raise 10 million rice grains to eradicate hunger.
  • Each challenge has a time frame for few days and can be completed within it.

Leader Board

  • The game has a leader board that displays the top scorers across the globe.
  • It is a great way to be aware of the competition and the goals.
  • The leadership is divided into two parts, i.e., the players and the groups.
  • The players are individual top scorers, and the group represents the top group scorer.

Activity feed

In the activity feed, the platforms spread awareness about multiple noble causes such as #fightFamine, #WomenAreHungrier, and educate people on many more pressing issues of social importance.

How do they contribute to social causes?

  • Each question that the player answers correctly while playing adds to the financial payment to the (WFP) World Food Programme that helps provide food to the needy and change lives for the better around the globe.
  • The payments associated with the game are in terms of rice grains, so, when you play the game, you generate money that would help in the payment of the rice for the poor. 
  • 100 percent of all the proceeds go to the WFP.
  • Freerice is a nonprofit organization and does not withhold any of the earned amounts.

Success so far

  • Since their inception in 2010, they have successfully raised more than 210 billion grains of rice for those in need.
  • That is equivalent to a total amount of US $1.41 Million.

How does playing an online game generate payment?

  • Every time you play the game and answer the right question, an advertisement helps generate the payment.
  • Please check that the advertisement is not blocked on your device as this will not generate any payment, and the efforts you make might be in vain. 

Is freerice legit or not?

We have every reason to believe in the legitimacy of freerice. Its association with a global organization such as the World Food Program gives it a further edge and makes it worth every claim. Multiple accolades and prestigious awards further prove the website’s legitimacy that it has received over the last decade since its inception. To name a few, the website has been bestowed with-

  • TIME Magazine award for 50 best websites 2011 and 2008
  • Digital communication award 2011 for best corporate game
  • 2010 parent’s choice award for online learning.
  • 15th annual webby awards for honoree
  • Yahoo! Pick of the year 2007 for charity category.

What is the freerice Review by the customer?


Users have greatly accepted the gaming platform freerice. It gives them joy and knowledge while playing on it and a sense of fulfillment when they help create a social impact with the right answers.

The parents find the platform freerice legit and play the game with their kids. It helps them indulge in interesting educational conversations, educate the children about their social responsibility, and make them aware of the great organizations such as WFP and all the noble causes they carry out. 


All in all, it’s a great website that is working for the betterment of human lives across the globe by bringing humanity together on the same platform.


It has been greatly accepted by the users based in the United States, and they have helped the platform make a very major contribution towards their goal. They are still working towards making more efforts to uplift the underprivileged. 

We recommend thoroughly reading about them and their causes before associating, and do share your thoughts on what your experience was with us.


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