Illinois Department of Transportation Text Scam

Have you also been victim to online scams like several users online? Many users online have been recurring statements concerning the Illinois department of transportation text scam posing to be from the state agency to deceive residents with their dishonest plans.

Many citizens in the United States have been victims of online scams from declaring to be from notable brands and distinguished government entities. Numerous sufferers have resorted to online platforms to describe them and increase awareness, among others. With the significant increment of such scams, collective efforts have been adopted by many influential organizations to educate people on how to differentiate between scams and legitimate emails such as these. 

What is the Illinois department of transportation?

The Illinois Department of transportation is a state agency in the United States responsible for maintaining public roadways in the state of Illinois. It also provides funding for various state projects such as rail, public transit, and airport projects. It strives to provide a world-class transportation system and promote road safety and quality of road experience.  


What is the Illinois department of transportation text scam received by the citizens? (Must Read)

These text messages pretending to be from the state agency are being received under the Office of the Illinois secretary of the state itself. The content of the email states that the contact information of the citizens is missing and needs to be updated. The email arrives with a link assigned to it that must be opened to renew the contact details and present personal data. Once the user gives the data, he becomes exposed to hacking and getting data leaked to a criminal organization.

Numerous other messages have been reported to be mentioning that the citizens have pending renewable fees, and the link is provided to be filled with the personal details. 

After the recording of various such incidents in the United States itself, the Illinois department of transportation has also been very efficient in training people about their policies and methods with which they contact the citizens. 


Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has been very vocal with her warnings and has requested the residents to beware of such scammers seeking personal information for malicious gains and claiming to be from the official government office.

White advised the citizens to be alert before replying to such scams and not clicking on any provided links on the mails and the messages. They have issued an official fraud alert notice to instruct people further. The article states that government officials never demand the personal information of the residents over emails or messages.

White also assured the residents that their team is working relentlessly to protect Illinoisans from such dishonest schemes, and they will soon arrest the offenders.


If a scam or information comes to your notice, it is suggested to inform them to trace the culprits. Even though tracing a scam message is a complex task, stringent steps are being executed upon such fraudulent companies.

 What are the reviews?

Illinois department of transportation is a very trustworthy government organization and is part of the state government. Users are usually conscious of the high-end administration of resident personal information by the government offices. They are very well aware that the Secretary of State’s Office does not conduct any communications with residents via email or message texting.

The reviews of residents are extremely satisfying. After the Illinois department of transportation text scam, the response from the Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White helped in clearing the air and provided further assurance to the residents. They are now careful before responding to such messages.

People who have been victims of such fraud have reported cases against the mails, and appropriate authorities have taken action.

Is the Illinois department of transportation legit?


Illinois department of transportation was founded in 1972 and is a state agency. There is no doubt about its legitimacy. It is headquartered in Springfield, Illinois.


Unfortunately, such Illinois department of transportation text scam has been notified. The attentive response on the part of Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White to address resident’s grievances facing these text scams has earned them appreciation. Despite so many operations against fraudulent emails, many citizens have fallen victim to such deceptions.

It is always reasonable to be very careful while giving personal details. Detailing such frauds to authorities and spreading knowledge on social media is valuable to others.


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