Choice Home Warranty Awards

What is the nomination of Choice Home Warranty Awards? Hopefully, you are aware of this Award, and we will discuss this event in brief.

Nowadays, various companies are opening the facility of home warranty services. As this is a unique concept, several queries revolve around people’s minds. These buildings have been expanding over the years, and various new additions and features keep adding to this list.

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A buzz is created about this Awards program. Everyone is curious about the name of all nominees and wants to know all the essential highlights 0f these events. We present some exclusive updates related to the Award program in this article. 

What is a Home Warranty? 

Before going deep down into Choice Home Warranty Awards, let’s get an abstract idea of the home warranty.

Home Warranty is a service that maintains a contract between the customer and home repair service providers. This is for the customer who wants to repair at a discounted rate. However, different companies are offering different price rates.

There are various things which come under their services. We mentioned all services below:

  • Plumbing.
  • Electric.
  • Wear.
  • Tear house.

Some companies also add some additional facilities:

  • Heating.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Refrigerator service.

What are Choice Home Warranty Awards? 

This Award initially started in 2012. These awards are for all home warranty provider companies. This is a recognition for their excellent work and great features throughout the year. 

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Firstly, they nominated deserving candidates and then gave the best one. Secondly, there is a specific selection process in Choice Home Warranty Award, and we also enlighten that fact to help our readers. 

A detailed overview of the selection process of this Award:

  • The company’s eligibility should be five years or more based on its existence in the marketplace.
  • All companies have to have a five thousand or more customer base to be eligible for the selection.
  • They must have the entire distribution over the nation.
  • Have to show the authority the details of customer satisfaction and retention rate.
  • All of them have easy accessibility in online mode.
  • Social media engagement values are also crucial for this selection.
  • These companies also show how to get customer satisfaction.

What is the nomination of the top-rated company category?

In the Choice Home Warranty Awards, this category is the most sensational.

  • The home service club
  • Choice Home Warranty.
  • Select home warranty.
  • American home shield.
  • Service plus home warranty.

These are the top five nominations of this category.

What is the nomination of the editor’s Choice Home award and best service company Award?

Likewise, the previous nomination for these two categories is the same.:

  • The home service club
  • Choice Home Warranty.
  • Select home warranty.
  • American home shield.
  • Service plus home warranty.

It has taken a lot to keep a place in the nomination, and the nomination itself is brilliant recognition for any company.

What are the benefits of Choice Home awards as a member of NHSCA?

Recently, Choice Home Warranty Awards became a part of NHSCA. Though this is very beneficial for this company, there are a lot of positive facts available about this company as a member.

  • Firstly, it allows the company and its customers to exchange ideas.
  • Secondly, enhance the service and give 1 million homes.
  • Thirdly, handled four military orders.
  • This company base is enhancing, and currently, there are 15000 contractors available who are working under them. 
  • Joining the NHSCA increases the credential rates and is another fact to be a part of the nomination and build a reputation.

What are the words from the authority?

  • The authority said the Award is given based on customers’ reviews.
  • They also have to maintain some parameters To qualify for this Award.

They also said there are no benefits for selecting a company and declaring it a winning company, so there is no chance of partiality.


In the endnote, we have to say that all the companies who won the Award are entirely based on specific parameters. The winners win the Award because they maintain all parameters of this regulation.

Meanwhile, if you want to share anything related to this topic, our comment box is widely open to drop your opinion.


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