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https // code Xbox? Are you new to the Xbox world and need to create a new account for accessing the games and other tools? Here is a guide to help you create a new profile with the help of an existing Windows account. You can also link any old account with a new one to keep the assets and achievements intact.

Xbox is the largest platform in the United States with millions of users. Every day multiple new players are added to this family. To access all the services, they need to have a personal account. 

You can follow the guide given below to enjoy the benefits of a full-fledged profile to access hundreds of games. Read further to know more.

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What is https // code xbox?

There are multiple ways to sign up for Xbox accounts but, the basic procedure remains the same. Some people also have an existing account for an old console and, they want to use the same profile for the new device. 

It helps save all the tags, scores, achievements, and progress. This link helps generate a pass key or code for logging in.

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On creating a personal code, you will have many advantages like:

  • It is a suitable method for parents to control their children’s activities and prevent them from overriding their commands. The kids cannot access the elder’s account to make changes in any settings.
  • You will not lose any money from your account through unauthorized purchases. Only you can buy any item by entering it.
  • You can use it to access your account on any Xbox console.
  • As a responsible parent, you can grant exceptions for some content. If you want to make any changes in this setting, you need to enter the code.
  • Are you worried that you will forget your code? Xbox has found a way to help you in this situation. By making your account password the default code in such a case.

Xbox is one of the biggest gaming platforms in the United States, and they launch new features to keep the audience updated with new ideas and technology.

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How to create an Xbox account?

Before starting the process, you must have a pre-existing Microsoft account. 

You will need to use the identical email address for both profiles to manage your services more efficiently through a single profile.

  • The easiest method of making an Xbox account is through the console. So switch your device on to start the process.
  • Begin by accessing the guide from the controller and scroll to see the sign-in tool.
  • The new page will show add a new option. Press the A button to choose.
  • A keyboard panel will appear.
  • Now follow the prompts and enter the email linked to your Microsoft account to create your profile.
  • In case you are creating this account for your kid. Make sure you enter their age. It will allow you to get new settings to help you put restrictions. Be vigilant while making this choice because any adult account cannot get converted into a child account.
  • Now, you have created a new account that can be used on multiple consoles.

It is also valid for accessing unlimited games on Android, Windows, iOS, and Nintendo switch. We have given a guide to help you make a passkey and use it on https // code Xbox.

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How to create your Passkey?

Creating a passkey is very easy but, you must have an existing Xbox account. Follow the guide given below:

  • First, switch on your Xbox device and access guide.
  • Now go to the profile and select the settings option.
  • Now select your account in the menu.
  • Go to the sign-in tool and select security and passkey from the page.
  • You will get the option of creating a passkey.
  • Click it!
  • A new page will load where you have to enter a six-digit code of your choice. 
  • Re-enter it to confirm and, your passkey gets set to use.

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https // code Xbox is a quick way to connect your account to any console by entering it. Suppose you want to change your six-digit code. Then first, you need to delete the already existing code and then follow the same procedure to create a new one. 


https // code Xbox? You can create a Microsoft account using its official website. Then use it to create an Xbox account from the web. We have also given the easy method to make a profile through your console directly. 

The passkey tool available on the platform is helpful in many aspects mentioned above.

You shall make a 6 digit code to redeem all the benefits. If you have used passkey before, please tell us about your experience. We love hearing from you.


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