Cloutzap Scam

cloutzap scam? The recent events in the world have increased unemployment and poverty. People are looking for new ways to earn more money and, the internet is a vast universe that has a solution for every problem. This website offers free money for performing some simple tasks.

The people of the United States are well aware and educated individuals. They know better than to trust any new domain making attractive claims. So, they always perform a background check before investing their time. Read further to find, if it is a scam or a legit way to earn money.

What is cloutzap?

It is a website giving away $500 per day to perform some simple tasks and promote them through social media & referrals. According to the website, there are 210,000 monthly active users and have paid out $10,000+ until now. 

You can use any device Android iPhone tablets to use this website. Most people come to know about this website through Facebook ads. The task given by the name includes downloading games, participating in the quest, promoting them on social media referring your contacts. 

You can track your friends and progress from the tool present on the website. Earn points for each task which, gets redeemed as real money. It is an exciting option for homemakers and teenagers looking for a part-time job. You do not need to go out the functions can be performed from the comfort of your home.

This website is a portal for regular paychecks and, you can earn referral money whenever your friend performs the task. Continue reading to new is cloutzap scam.

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How to earn money using this cloutzap

Are you looking for an easy way to get some extra cash by completing some simple tasks using the internet? Follow the steps given below:

  1. You can start the procedure on any device with an active internet connection.
  2. Now use any preferred web browser and search for the official website of
  3. Once the website page gets loaded successfully, you can go through all the necessary points given on the homepage.
  4. Now you will see a sign-in option. Click it!
  5. A new application form will open on the next page, enter all the information correctly and create your profile.
  6. There is a list of the task on the screen. Choose any one of them, and start completing it.
  7. Task like “Can I ask you to play games, do missions, watch videos, add yourself to WhatsApp groups, etc.”
  8. You can refer this website to your friends to gain extra credit. Promoting them on social media allows you to earn more money through it.
  9. You can track your progress in the amount of money you have earned through various to present on the menu bar.
  10. After you reach the minimum redemption limit, look for the redeem option and enter it.
  11. You can choose the payment option given on the web page.
  12. Give your banking details to receive the money into your account.

We have analyzed and followed the above procedure to earn money through

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Is cloutzap scam

To answer whether it is cloutzap scam, we dug out some info. This site got launched on 9 October 2021. It has filled together much attention from the audience. There is low traffic on the domain and no authentic Customer response claiming to receive any cash prize. 

Trust score of this domain is 39.6% which signifies it as a suspicious, questionable, and highly controversial source. The website has many red flags. 

They have given unrealistic statistical data about the users and paid money amount. There are no extra charges or fees for their services so that you can try it for free. 

But most of these websites try to gain your credit card information and utilize it for their good. We will recommend our users do some background checks before affiliating with them.

There are several testimonials present on the official website. It claimed to have received a reward. But they are not verified feedback, so we cannot rely on them to justify cloutzap legitimacy.

cloutzap reviews by the customers

Also, to find whether cloutzap scam or not we also checked the user reviews? We went through multiple open sources to gather some information about it. To our dismay, we did not find any authentic feedback on any open sources because the website has failed to create any user base. 

There are multiple pictures updated on the official website as proof from the grateful customers who have received their reward. You can visit their social media handles to get a better insight. There are many videos posted on YouTube. 

But most of them seem scripted and sponsored by the official website to only mention positive aspects. We do not have enough information to pass any judgment about their authenticity. 


Is cloutzap scam? The website is young and has not created any clout in the United States to justify its legitimacy. Some red flags make it seem like a deceitful domain. 

We will recommend our readers be vigilant while affiliating with them. Meanwhile, do share your thoughts below.

Social mediaYes
Trust score39.6%
Customer reviewsNo
SSL encryptionYes

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