Codashop Sausage Man

In this article, you will learn about Codashop Sausage Man and whether it’s safe to use or not. Codashop is a renowned and top-up website that is known around the globe. Many players and app -users use this website to top-up in their games. Its priority is always to uphold the customer’s safety while using its platform for purchase. Sausage man is an outstanding battling game available on codashop. 

Codashop is a widespread website available in Indonesia, India, and many other countries and is also available as an app that can be downloaded from Play Store.

Codashop works directly with the publishers of well-known games like PUBG, Free Fire, Mobile Legends etc. This article will help you gain more knowledge on the codashop website as well as on sausage man.

What is Codashop?


As mentioned above, Codashop is a trusted top-up website used by millions of gamers for safe and convenient access to games and apps. No registration or logins are required, and the game credits are also added to your account.

It is a very convenient way to get app vouchers with many payment partners around the world. Codashop provides players with a variety of offers. You may even get discounts or promotions on your favorite games. 

When you are top-up on codashop, your purchase is instantly transferred to your game account as soon as the payment is completed. For marketing and partnership, you need to fill the form available on the website and be as specific as possible and provide all the required information. If by any chance you are overcharged or inaccurately charged, codashop will credit your account or may even arrange a refund. 

Detailed information

  • Website-
  • Contact-
  • Email-
  • Product description- it provides accurate product description
  • Taxes/charges- may be applicable
  • Payment- for India, it is Paytm, UPI or net banking
  • Refund- no refunds unless expressly specified

What is Sausage Man?


Sausage Man is an excellent battle royale title for Android. It is an android 4.1 or higher operating game available in Indonesia and many other countries in more than 44 languages. 

Sausage Man has a very High rating with complex control systems but is well adapted to the touchscreen. There are various vehicles available in this game. Lets know more about Codashop Sausage Man.

Most of the weapons are taken directly from the famous game PUBG like a pistol, machine guns, shotguns, etc.; in this game, there are no ordinary sausages. They can run, jump, drive, use weapons. Its gaming experience is similar to battleground finds, but you will be a sausage.

Detailed information

  • Package name- com. so funny.Sausage
  • License-free
  • Operating system – Android
  • Category- action/adventure
  • Language- available in English and 44 others


  • It is easy and fast
  • Takes only a few seconds to complete transactions 
  • The purchase is directly delivered to your gaming account.
  • Has a lot of positive customer reviews
  • you do not need to go through tedious requirements or logins every time you make a purchase


  • The match can sometimes take upto 2-5 minutes
  • Sometimes playing likes to get stuck on loading

Is Codashop (website) legit?


The website is highly trusted and completely legit online entertainment in Indonesia, Asia and beyond. Millions of gamers trust codashop for purchasing vouchers and app credits for their game with their seamless top-up experience. The credits are transferred to your account in an instant. 

Is Sausage Man (Game) legit?

The game is a royale battle android game and is available in many languages. The Sausage man achieved a rating of 4.4. It is truly a safe and fun game to play. 

It has many weapons and is well adjustable with a touchscreen which makes it exciting and entertaining to play. Over thousands of people have downloaded the sausage man, making it a trusted and legit game.

What are user reviews of Codashop Sausage Man?


Many customer reviews claim Sausage Man to be a fun and enjoyable game with millions of downloads. Codashop has received a lot of positive responses from customers and is an excellent top-up website.


From the details mentioned above, it is very clear that the Codashop Sausage Man is a highly trustworthy action and adventure game that is famous around the globe. The website is a very safe and secure platform to top-up your game credits and increases your score without going through boring logins again and again. 

The game has a very high social ranking and thus is secure. As we learned from the information mentioned above, it is clear that adding top-ups and credits using a codashop is safe, and many people are using it. 


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