Is Certapet Legit

This article will help you in answering ‘is certapet legit’ or not? Pets are part of our daily life that provide us companionship as well as emotional support. They help in reducing stress, easing loneliness, and encourage exercise and increase our social activities. Every animal needs to be taken proper care of, given water and food on time. Thus, pet care services are important for ensuring the health of your pet and keeping it happy. 

The website is famous in the United States and Canada, and other countries, specializing in providing aid to the ones seeking animal-assisted interventions for coping with depression, panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, etc. Their goal is to improve the lives of the people who may have no other options for care. 

This article will help you in answering ‘is certapet legit‘ or not. In this article, you will learn about the website Certapet that understands the comfort that you get from your pet.

What is certapet?

As mentioned above Certapet specializes in the United States and Canada in providing clinical services and emotional support pet services.

It connects clients to the licensed mental health professionals who perform health evaluations. Cetrapet is HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant website that gets your ESA letter.

Cetrapet is not an “ESA Mill”. They provide online assessments for you to qualify for your ESA letter. These letters are of many types like ESA letter for Housing, ESA letter for Travel. Their therapists even provide ongoing counseling to their clients through certapet. 

Certapet works only with dogs, cats and rabbits. In 2018,19.1% of United States adults experiencing mental illness. 

Detailed information

• ESA – They are emotional support animals. They are very affectionate and loving animals that help one with disabilities. Certapet helps us in securing our ESA letter via a guided process.

• Health Professionals- Certapet consist of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, and Licensed Mental Health Counselors. All the professionals have passed the board exams.

• Cats as ESA- Cats provide love and emotional support to the individual. Their love can be unconditional for their owner.

• Dogs as ESA- Dogs that provide emotional and mental benefits to people are ESAs. They don’t need to be trained; rather, they provide mental stability and love to their owner.


• Contact Address- 2600 S Shore Blvd, Ste 302, League City, TX 77573-2944

• Contact number-(877) 207-0561

• Website address-

• Owner- Mr. Erik Rivera

• Business category- Pet services

Pros of certipet

• Has a high customer review rating.

• Certapet services are available for all states in the United States

• Also available in a few Canadian states like New Newfoundland and Labrador

• Connects us to licensed and trusted health professionals

• The Housing ESA enables you to pay no charges for your pet.

• With a travel letter you can even fly with your pet

Cons of certipet

• Only dogs, cats, and rabbits are available as ESAs 

Is certapet legit?

According to some research, certapet is the most legitimate pet care platform available on the internet. It is filled with lots of information and important blogs and not just invalid stuff and photos. 

There are many customer reviews claiming certapet to be legit and very beneficial which made the people feel very supported.

 Many appreciated the process and asserted it to be easy to understand. The customer service has been appreciated by many people and was considered very considerate in their evaluation, and timely got the paperwork as well.

What are the customer reviews?

There are over 370 positive customer reviews asserting that the website was helpful. They don’t feel lonely or anxious anymore because of the emotional support they received from their pet. 

People feel obliged for the good and thorough customer services that Cetrapet provides. Their lives have been improved and changed because of the aid they received from Cetrapet and the ESA animals.  


From the details mentioned above, it is clear that certipet is a legit website that can be very beneficial for people who are seeking emotional support and love. Having a pet by your side deprives you of Loneliness and makes you feel cheerful. Just as Cetrapet helped many people around the world, it will do the same for you and is certapet legit or not is now clear.

You can reach out to the website for the same without any doubts as it is all safe and secure.

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