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We all love to win gifts without putting much effort into them. So, presents a website where you can win a Cola mini fridge by giving a couple of reviews. So, now the question is legit? Because it is quite unbelievable to win such a big gift without any hard work. 

Coca-Cola is a world-famous brand. Cola mini-fridge is currently trending in the United States. is also a United States based website. So, read this article carefully to solve your queries. 

What is

Advertisements is a website that offers you a free Cola mini-fridge. You just need to answer a couple of reviews to win this luxurious gift. There are certain requirements which are mentioned below.


  1. You need to be an official US citizen.
  2. You must have a verified US resident.
  3. Your age should be above 18 years.
  4. You never participated in this contest previously.
  5. Need to have a credit card.
  6. Need to have a great amount of knowledge for reviewing.

This website is a newbie in the world of the internet. However, they have a very low rating in Alexa’s list of ranking. They hide all their information with WHOIS. 


No useful information is available on the internet about the owner and contacts. They also have a poorly developed website. The website is quite mysterious but fast in speed and easy to use. So, let’s find out if legitor not with the flow of the article.


  • Company address – No information available.
  • Company Email – No information available.
  • Company contact number – +354.4212434.
  • Category – contest website.
  • Rewards – Coca-Cola mini-fridge.
  • Payment method – Online payment with credit or debit card.
  • Rank – 4476049
  • Rank type – Alexa ranking.
  • Reward delivery method – No information available. 


  • You can get a chance to win a Coca-Cola mini-fridge by giving a simple review. They have a Valid SSL certificate.
  • Less amount of registration fee is required.
  • Less time-consuming.


  • Low-rank holder in Alexa’s ranking list.
  • Not properly optimized for search engines.
  • No proper contact details are available.
  • Only applicable for US-based people.
  • They spam your mail inbox with various kinds of promotional mail once you are done with the review.

Is is legit?

After a lot of research, we couldn’t find any trustworthy resources that help us to consider this site as a legit website. Eventually, we found a lot of suspicious activity. So, based on our own opinion, it is not a legit site with lots of scams and scandals. 


Be a bit aware while using this site. Avoid this kind of site. We couldn’t find any real reviews of this site. We spot a couple of resources that define it as a scam website. That’s all. They send you various promotional, scams and other kinds of mail. That’s the main purpose of them, according to verified resources.

Customer opinion about

When it comes to customer opinion, the real result is completely zero. No real-time customers are available on the internet. Zero reviews and zero responses, nothing more than that. We spot a couple of people who point out this site is a big scam. 



So, as we mentioned in the above paragraph, we consider it a scam website. So, be aware and a bit careful if you still want to try this site. Your safety is in your own hands. If you still want to explore it, the website is just there for you. Search it and sign in and maintain a safety strategy. That’s it for now.

Hopefully, you sketch a better idea of this site after reading the legit article. Stay connected for more interesting articles and information. And also comment your views and experience towards it.


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